1. Primal Massacre

2. Gore Apocalypse

3. Stray Bullet Kill

4. Epidemic (Created to Kill)

5. Demon ‘s Divine

6. Autopsy Extravaganza

7. Retaliation

8. Condemned by Pride

9. Cursed Revelations

10. Chainsaw Surgery

Total playing time: 34:23


Tobias Gustafsson - Drums
Erik Rundqvist - Vocals, Bass 
Urban Gustafsson - Guitar

Ulf Dalegren - Guitar



VOMITORY: "Primal Massacre"        vomitory           metal blade

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___                                     

So, here we come to another jewel from the holy  halls of Metal Blade, produced by Henrik Larsson and Vomitory themselves at Kuling and Berno Studios in Sweden in the last days of 2003.

The sound of this masterpiece is very easy to describe, it ‘s pure, fast, hard and genuine Death Metal! Very few bands represent the classical characteristics of this music as well as Vomitory. The riffing pulls the brain out of your eyes, the drumming is straight and fast and the guttural vocals come directly from the black depths of hell!!

This trademarks follow the listener through the ten tracks of the album. You won ‘t get any mercy, there won’ t be prisoners on their way to triumph! Only dismembered bodies and crushed skulls!! The guitars are fast and hard, really hard, but in the same time every song is made of these old school melodies that people like me, who grew up in the early nineties, miss so much nowadays. The technical standard of “Primal Massacre” is high, this allows the band to play high speed riffing, in a simple, catchy and natural way that is really easy to follow. Everything is precisely there where it should be, no superflual off beats, no special effects, no narcistic riffing!  

It doesn ‘t matter which track you listen to, after few seconds you know: This  is Vomitory!

Boring? In no way! This is the sound I want to listen to, when I pull the gas on the highway, this is the music I want to hear, while thinking how to torture and kill my enemies, this is the music I want to listen to, when I come back from a hard working day, full of deception and frustration!!

As I know this band since its early days, I gladly exactly knew what kind of music would expect me,  the only really surprise in my eyes is the Bolt Thrower riff in “Gore Apocalypse  and the rest is simply very good and for long time missed Old School Death Metal. 

Thank you for your existence Vomitory, thank you!!

Rating: 9/10  


Gianrichy Giamboi  
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