Bewitched herds Boys
The Ghost of New Year's Eve
Question by the Night Ghost
The French and the Wine
The End of the Wizard
Among them
Foal in an Egg
Gipsy magic
Cursed by the Zyprio (limited edition)
A Witch reveals herself (limited edition)






Oliver Falk - Keyboard

Dina Falk - Vocals

Ritchie Wenaweser - Vocals
Manja "Tyrae" Gueckel - Vocals

Mario Jahnke - Drums

Daniela Nipp - Violin
Christian Sele - Bass

WELTENBRAND: "The End of the Wizard"    weltenbrand            

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


Beautifully crafted and though provoking.

The beginning of Weltnenbrands' End of the Wizard, is omnious and enchanting somewhat
Medieval but not cloudy like doom, it is more upbeat. The vocals are clear bold and decisive 
in the vein of Type O NegAtive. Clearly gothic is its origins and enjoyable to 
listen to. There is no real heavy tracks on this CD. Formed in 1995 in Lichtenstein, 
the band has had a few line-up changes though overall stayed fairly consistent.
With a strong fan base the sextet continues to forge a strong, bold path with 
each new album.

This is a beautifully crafted and though provoking album. Relaxing would be the 
first word that comes to mind, so if your wanting a heavy speaker cracking disk
look elsewhere. Very classical in its construction, the instruments are many, used 
in a controlled and orchestrated manner, including the many vocals. This CD comes
with many, many great reviews and for which they are deserving! I must say it took
a couple of times listening to this one before I really could appriciate its complexity.
Each time that it goes through your head it opens another level of understanding. This
would be great to hear in a concert surrounding where the sound could really resonate
throughout the hall. 
Distributed by Napalm Records it was recorded and mixed by Günter Slatinski and
Oliver Falk at Pink Music Studio. It was mastered by Peter Moritz at Radwerk 
14 Studios. The design and additional photography were done by Ingo Römling, 

rating: a 9/10 because of its instrumental aspects, without which it would have been an 8.


Steve Rautner  01.09.2007
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