Wild compilation vol. 3  

Aneurysm: The Cavern - Brutal faith: In The Mouth Of Suffering - Deforge: Fear West - Doggo: Lambaste - Golem: Your Deepest Fear - Hateseeder: Secret Force Emotion - Juglans Regia: Pioniere - Kontatto Estremo: War Calls War - Necrotorture: Pleasures Of The Moribund - OTX-2: Human Nature - Overflow: Disco F@ck - Putrid Flesh: Battle Cry - Sothis: Requiescant In Pacem - Speelcraft: Equilibrium - SRL: Ultima Ora





review by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

A compilation is a good way to promote bands from the underground that, in this way, put themselves side to side with other musical realities, managing to propose their music by putting on CD their best song, or the one that has been mostly liked during the live performances.

And with this spirits are wild compilations born. An idea of Rosario Modica and Emanuel Cannizzaro (Wild Zine staff) proposing bands of the Italian underground that in this last year shown maturity and and the possibility of joining their forces in a compilation.


WILD COMPILATION 3 is based on death-black-gothic and crossover sonorities.

All the bands are worthy: valid compositions, discrete recording, and chief of all excellent ideas… sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the underground keeps for itself these precious pearls: it should be time that some label would come and propose them to the big market!!!!

I’ve been particularly hit by Brutal Faith with their “In The Mouth Of Suffering”: dark and deep Black with heavy and decadent guitar riffs that slide on a cadenced and massive drum working. Frenzy rhythms and a remarkable growl-scream. Too bad the song fades out…

Strong impact is in “Fear West” by Deforme, an heterogeneous sound passing from rhythmic riffs in full death-style to rides and rearing of almost thrash soloes. A sound strongly remembering the good old Death style, the one that made of the band of the missing Chuck Shuldiner the standard of death sound. Driving rhythm… relentless and hammering, developing in tempo plays and musical resolutions dancing on a bass work excellent indeed.

Death-crossover veins are found in the aggressive and powerful “Lambaste” by Doggo. A song sometimes a bit imprecise, yet developing very good ideas allowing a recognition of how much this band could show… I’d like to hear their demo: I’m sure I’d be struck!!!

There are bands in this compilation like Golem with their “Your Deepest Fear”, the OTX-2 with “Human Nature” and Spellcraft with their “Equilibrium” that in my opinion have enough maturity and all the good cards to do the big step and be thrown into the “jaws” of a metal audience always hungry of new sounds and musical evolutions.

Still in embryo the ideas and expressions of Aneurism (“The Cavern”), that should be more developed and evaluated. Same for Hateseeder (“Secret Force Emotion”), Juglans Regia (“Pioniere”), Contatto Estremo (“War Calls War”) and the Necrotorture (“Pleasures Of The Moribund”).

There are still a bit of shadows  for the Overflow with their “Disco F@ck”, as well as for Putrid Flesh (“Battle Cry”), Sothis (“Requiescant In Pacem”) and SRL with their claustrophobic “Ultima Ora”.

Wild compilation vol. 4  

14 tks + traccia rom


AMneSIA: Girls, Girls, Girls - DEATH MECHANISM: Horror Lab - Secret Lab - DeLIRIUM X TREMENS: 1000 Wolves - DISGUISE: Scared Of Leaving Deceit - ENTIRETY: Frayed Edge - INCISE: End Of The Road - MINCER: Schism From Lunatic Synagoue - SKYRIDERS: Reaper - SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER: Affection - TERREMOTO: Price Of Progress - THE TOMBERS: Liquid Flesh - TOO MERA B.: White Sirtaki For Cannibals Vampires Nazi Zombies - TRAUMAGAIN: Scream Your Terror - ZOMBIFICATION: Zombie Pestilence





WILD COMPILATION 4 as well is based on obscure and decadent sonorities such as death-black-gothic, coupling bands that can play with a captivating and enthralling sound.

Splendid is “1000 Wolvens” by Delirium X Tremens: a song literarily leaving out of words with sound coupling rhythm accelerations in black key and guitar plays of a clear death mark.

Simply fantastic is “Reaper” by Skyriders. An evil and aggressive song surprising in excellent tempo changes and unexpected musical resolutions that amaze as you go on with the listening. A very refined Death abiding to the standard of this genre yet never shadowing the individuality of the band itself.

Alas, as said for WILD COMPILATION 3, there are bands that have yet to work a lot on their ideas, trying to perfect some still bare resolutions that sometime exceed in banal ideas absolutely  superfluous.

All in all the n. 4 respect to n. 3 (unavoidable a comparison) is a bit less interesting and maybe more self-defeating for some bands that cannot show out their entire work.

The only flaw of a compilation is exactly this: it gives you just a taste of what is a complete and complex work of a band and it is impossible to do an accurate evaluation. Therefore I allow myself (when and where I will be allowed to) to listen the works of these bands in their whole.

rating: -

Sara De Vita  


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