01. Intro
02. See Who I Am
03. Jillian [I'd Give My Heart]
04. Stand My Ground
05. Pale
06. Forsaken
07. Angels
08. Memories
09. Aquarius
10. It's The Fear
11. Somewhere





Vocals: Sharon den Adel
Guitars: Robert Westerholt
Guitars: Ruud Jolie
Bass: Jeroen Van Veen
Drums: Stephen Van Haestregt
Keyboards: Martijn Spierenburg


WITHIN TEMPTATION: "The silent Force"        within temptation       


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

One of the best Goth album

Finally...."The album of the life" for  this band!!!!In my opinion one of the best gothic album ever!!!!An unique intensity...never found till now, every song is inspired and emotional...This is album I was waiting for from them!!!!After the good previous one that was released four years ago that got some good songs, I'm sure that this is the album of consecration !!!!! Sharon sings in a perfect way and supports the songs with an unique charm!

The arrangements put in evidence the power of guitars, but also the piano atmosphere...Martijn is able to create very emotional and sad parts in which Sharon finds perfect vocals solutions.....

There are arcane atmospheres mixed with a touch of symphonic rock-metal. Some melodies could remind of Evanescence...but in my opinion this band has found that special feeling that makes them original and far from any other band.......

There are a lot of potential hits...the first single " Stand my ground" is a touch from the deep of the heart....a song that gets an unforgettable refrain and arranged in a perfect way in which I notice a special intro that gets a touch of orchestral goth!

Sharon 's voice makes me the shivers listening to "Pale"... a song full of sadness and intensity! This song seems to be made to dream.....Perfect loops meets the orchestral-atmospheres and Sharon 's voice.....

"Forsaken" is a power-song with a sad melancholic atmospheres in which guitars shows their metal background.......We can't but forget the classic goth-power of "See who I am" and the orchestral sad power-ballad "Jillian" in which the band shows the absolute good period of inspiration........this second one shows how the band is able to mix pure gothic atmosphere with the Sharon's sweetness...

It's impossible not to be amazed listening to "Memories" ....another pearl of passion in which Sharon shows all her sadness with an unique passion....The arrangement gives value to this song (like for all the others ones)....

"Angels" is another power-goth song in which I notice some good rhythmic and also a good atmosphere...it may be a very not inspired refrain, but it's only my personal opinion ....

"Aquarius" is enough intense ...yes it's true, it is another not very inspired song ....but however it gets the unmistakable depth and sensitiveness that is a mark for this album!

In this album I notice that they've arranged the songs with a most orchestral interpretation ....and a song like "It's fear" show a perfect power guitars sound but also a great atmosphere!

"Somewhere" is the final song of this album. It seems a dream within a dream!!! A song sung by an angel...An atmospheric ballad that confirms the great inspiration of this album!!!!

As I said before one of the best goth album ever!!!!!


rating: 9.5/10  


Salvo  Russo  
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