01 Virus

02 Swallow

03 Accelerator

04 Stand

05 Black days

06 Touch the sun        

07 In the flesh

08 Devils in the head

09 Animals

10 Believe

11 Are you happy?

Khou_dj - guitar

Pi_R - bass , vocals

Néon - drums


 WORMACHINE:  "Wormachine"         wormachine   Boycott/Hybrid

distributed in CH by Irascible Distribution   


review  by Lisa "Blondie" Hieta-Larsson____    

French metal/techno at it’s best


This feels good right from the beginning! High quality rock all the way through with a twist of heavy techno. I know what you’re thinking now; oh, they’re just another Rammstein-copy!

But no; these French guys have their own little thing going on here. And yes, some tunes (for example the intro of “Stand”) do remind me of Rammstein but I won’t go as far as comparing the two bands any further because they still differ a lot.

This album makes me feel good about life! Try to stay stiff as a poker while playing it and I promise, you won’t succeed as you’ll see that it’s an impossible thing not to move. To me, this fact often goes hand in hand with great music.

Here you go, the best songs in my opinion:

Virus-  I can’t help it, the intro with it’s sharp aggressiveness makes me smile! The keyboard beat is cool but yet a bit funny and playfull to my ears. The heavy drums, hard guitars and distorted vocals make me dance!  

Stand- definately my favourite on this album! 3:50 minutes of fast hammering drums, cool techno sounds and a nice rhythm in a great combination. It starts off with a dreamy tune which builds up towards a fast crescendo that lasts until the last note. 

Black Days- very dark and melancholic both in melody and lyrics. Somewhat of a contrast to the previous song “Stand”. Along with the intro, the atmosphere suddenly changes to black and gloomy. This is done in a good way together with a nice groove.

All in all Wormachine is very straight ahead and punching. An album you won’t get tired of after a few listenings since you always can discover something new about the music like a certain sound that you haven’t heard before an interesting tune and so on..

Anyone who’s into the combination of metal/techno should definately check out this album!     

Rating: 8/10

Lisa Hieta_Larsson  


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