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Something Breathes
Unhealthy Opera
From the Depths
Avatar Ceremony
Temple of Infinity
Abnormal Intrusion
Screaming Shores
The Book
Horror from the Sea
...Of Madness
Injecting Dementia




Stéphane Souteryrand (vocals / guitar)

 Victorien Vilchez (bass/acoustic)

Geoffrey Gautier (guitar)

Laurent Harrouart (drums)

guest appearance by KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy LaRocque on the song "Horror from the Sea".

YYRKOON: "Unhealthy Opera"     yyrkoon           

A limited digipack edition containing the bonus track called "Signs" is also available

Recorded at Hansen studios in Ribe, Denmark

Distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution


"Horror. Horror has a face, and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and mortal terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared". 

 Colonel Kurtz' monologue in  Apocalypse Now could describe well what i think about Yyrkoon's intention. I think Yyrkoon are here to stay in order to picture horror through music. And fear.  With brutal heaviness and resolute melodies. They know the horrors that seem morbidly inscribed in  our genes, and , as such, very fertile for  fiction and myths . It might appear no new intent, yet  Yyrkoon have the potentiality to become  technical, compact, menacing titans in the future, dealing with lyrics around  complex and fearful topics. No matter if  fiction-based or not.  With this new fourth album, follow-up to 2004's Occult Medicine, recorded again at the Danish Hansen Studios, this French band makes an important step. Unhealthy Opera is  aggressive New Breed Thrash, influenced by the German combos of the genre,  mixed with  fierce  Death a bit in Florida style, and with an active Melodic Death,  plus a noticeable contribution of Black Metal techniques scattered in many tracks. Even the melodic  breakdowns, the  guitar arpeggios, the solos are always very strong, gloomy , never passively sorrowful. Yyrkoon are  brutal in the more melodic moments too, nonetheless their sound is well processed, with care in any detail. They may give the impression to be raw, but in reality they aren't. The background is full , the sound round and intense. Riffs are varied and  dynamic yet  utterly solid and  incredibly  tight, they  explode like a series of  grenades. The mixture  of influences makes Yyrkoon sinister and quite peculiar, although  you can  find similarities starting from Carcass to Dew-Scented, from Grave  to Immortal and old Agathodaimon,   from the  brutal attitude of Harmony Dies and Aborted, till the horizon of some American hardcore.  


Yyrkoon are technical, however they create riffs and loops that impress and appeal instantly. Anyway don't expect   immediate main stream catchiness , but , already after a second listening,  you  acquaint yourself very good. The way of playing  is expert and dedicated, the sound color is split in  the  thunderous disrupting rhythmic session and the bright lead solos. 

Lyrics are mainly inspired by scary Lovecraft-ian,  Necronomicon-ian nightmares as the myth of Chtulu,  the Old Ones, the Ancient Gods, different races of terror between fishes and men (this reminds of Lovecraft's Dagon too) mainly dwelling  the depths of the sea (Horror from the Sea) . The horror is the menace of a twisted nature, the horror is a book in the sand, with skin pages written  with  blood (the Book), the horror are pagan offerings in occult ceremonies (Avatar Ceremony). But the horror is also a sick excruciating scalpel (Lair ...of Madness)  . Although  considered , and since long, by other bands too, Yyrkoon refresh  these topics and rip a lot. There is even no big  use of ambience samples, the terror is smashed thanks to the bone-breaking   riffs and a mighty, resolute drumming. There is even no need to be macabre, after all.  Yyrkoon aren't macabre. Just  in search of the seeds of Evil. Try to listen them  through  a PC connected to a mighty woofer and subwoofer system:  Unhealthy Opera will explode in your chest, passing through the diaphragm. It is the best way to appreciate how truly  Yyrkoon can tear  you brutally..


Among the more enjoyable and nech-breaking  songs, the ones whose riffs enter at once your mind, i would like to mention  Avatar Ceremony,  The Book, and ...Of Madness, being these 2 ones my fav. But  the instrumental Temple of Infinity is a real pleasure of acoustic arpeggio embroideries that intertwine with a wide carpet of guitar/samples that bring you at the sea shore; while  the title track, Unhealthy Opera, is  trashy  in pure New Breed version, with a great  dose of violence and fast nervous  aggression united with Melodic Black breakdowns and virtuoso sharp solos, it is a very interesting track of impact. Unhealthy  Opera is preceded by Something breaths,  the impending ambience intro  in full  sci-fi movie style. From the Dephts is a constantly  eruptive and violent mid/uptempo with a melodic lead guitar in  American fashion. Avatar Ceremony begins with a distinctive caterpillar loop that will recur and enslave again after a pouring rain of brutal grunts and  uncompromising Thrash /Death enriched by a  crystal lead. 


Abnormal Intrusion unleashes a rabid  Thrash attack  that changes  into  resounding  walls of brutal, cadenced, melodic Death. Screaming shores delivers the same ingredients with more vicious psyched atmospheres and an unpredictable imposing massive blasting  motifs. Often  Yyrkoon  reach the boundaries of blasting metal ,and Screaming shores is one of these episodes. The Book is punishing, a truly lava- death mosh-summoning  attack, almost monumental at the point of the stacco  for  the solo that will introduce us  a brilliant melodic loop. Horror from the Sea, featuring  the guest appearance of guitarist Andy LaRocque, is implacable, psychotic and constantly pulsing, divided in  thunderous unrestrained hammering rhythmic session  and a higher background of lethal turbulences;  in the middle  we find the main motif ("just here to conquer human race - just here to serve thy ancient gods") and the abrasive vocals that  slightly move go in direction  American  Heaviness and Hardcore, and of course the intense solo. Heard many times,  in a repetition  cycle, this song leaves an intense sense of concrete subjugation  and abstract madness. 

A compelling strong acoustic minute divides the Lair ... from the burst of ...of Madness . ...of Madness has some rhythmic proceeding from old Agathodaimon, together with a general  old school Thrash/ Black tint, mixed with  Modern and Melodic Death; of course a melodic solo is not missed . It is incredible how Yyrkoon  mix this way different styles and maintain a perfect faithful, logical , well conceived  structure of the song. Injecting Dementia is a thunderous thrash /death ride with  such a sick  echo in the title, even too pessimist in its final resolution. The boiling , erupting  opera  has become a conclusive corrosive , brutal, neck braking waste.


Yyrkoon still must  find the ultimate "wow" effect and  the ultimate addicting ingredient, but they are very near. What then, if they succeed? Already showing  such a metal possession, what  can Yyrkoon become in future?  An unhealthy messiah?


rating: 9/10



written  by dalia di giacomo        




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