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March 28, 2018 - Dynamo  - ZÜRICH - Switzerland

presented by Good News Productions AG

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Pay attention, Switzerland! Hellzapopping will reach Zürich again on this next August 7. Don't miss them!!! 



The evening has been very lively, unique, entertaining. And, above all, it was a congruent event. The nice Old Kerry McKee, the crazy and funny Hellzapoppin perfectly suit the band with the "King", Avatar. We can say that we spent the evening in a giant fairy tale with the great metal sound of Avatar as cherry on the cake. I am not a fan of Avatar, they dont really match my taste, but such a concert they are able to put on stage  and their style should not be missed in any case. Incredible was the enthusiasm of the crowd during all three shows. When these artists are around  in your country , dont think twice and go and see them, they are truly something different.


The evening has begun gently with the one man orchestra singer and songwriter Old Kerry McKee: No, this artist is not American even if he looks like a wandering minstrel of the Southern States! He is Joakim Malmborg and comes from Gotheborg, Sweden (yes, the land and town of  Avatar) and he casts a spell on the crowd with his melancholic songs inspired by Americana-Folk and Blues. A snaredrum , an acoustic guitar and  old record player he has by his side create a picture of other times . Love, death and loneliness are the themes of his songs. His  Debut EP, recorded in Stockholm,  is called  "Black Birds". I still remember when Sweden was associated to bad ass bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity . Now it' s a bit difficult for me to understand this new wave. Moreover his music is not my cup of tea. But I must say Old Kerry Mckee is so gracious , he impressed me somehow  with his live concert, he is like a talented street musician, absolutely awesome.



Hellzapoppin was a true entertaining moment of humour and mind-blowing performances  like fire eating, sword swallowing, skull drilling , walking on glass and much more. Helzapoppin is the  world's largest and most famous touring rock-n-roll circus freak show and stunt show . It was the Texas  touch  between Swedish artists on  this evening. Helzapoppin ARE Metal  and Rock like hell and truly dishinibited. Helzapoppin's human curiosities like a real "half-man" (Short E. ), who can walk on his bare hands on broken glass,   let us understand how lucky yet disabled and unfit we are, we ...the "normal" ones. Their show is absolutely jaw-dropping, a true experience with no pain and no blood although some acting let fear run down my spine and close my eyes for a second. Circus sideshows were side-shows indeed! Nothing else than attractive curiosities set near circuses. This evening the sideshow is placed near the realm of Avatar, a freak show near the other . It seems logic and inviting. Founder Bryce “the Govna” Graves is such a cool person: entertaining, nice and even polite. To be polite in a not-polite show is a challenge "per se". I like so much Hellzapoppin with all its deadly stunts, everything is so pounding and so light at the same time. Dificulties are hidden behind a laugh. Pay attention, Switzerland! Hellzapopping will reach Zürich again on this next August 7. Don't miss them!!! 



And finally  headliner Avatar hit the stage. The crowd couldn't be happier! Swedish Avatar has been  on tour since the beginning of the year in support of their  latest and seventh studio album "Avatar Country", released in January of this year. When the large curtain, that was as long as the stage, dropped and the King Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby appeared sit on his throne, the enthusiasm of the crowd erupted like a volcano.  The King begins to shred his wonderful and engraved guitar and the scene looks quite unreal: an axe together with a crown and a rich royal cloak. When you see Avatar live you wonder which member of the band captures your attention the most. Indeed the "King" has  vassals that steal the scene : front man Johannes Eckerström gets much charisma and humour , while guitarist Tim Öhrström, bassist Henrik Sandelin und drummer John Alfredsson are truly unstoppable. Well, but the bearded King with long dreadlocks captures all hearts as "actor" of the fairy tale and as guitarist. Avatar are theatrical indeed. Their concert , after Helzapoppin's show, is another freak show, a metal freak show. Avatar, formed in the year 2001 in Gotheborg, plays Heavy Metal tainted with a lot of influences from Pagan to Power and some Melodic Death Metal .

Singer Johannes Eckerström is the pure extravaganza made flesh, he had a nice acting, he was absolutely entertaining and full of self esteem and cool vocals. The King's singer can also speak German rather well and was able to let the crowd amused;  he also  told that his German is better than our Swedish: "Mein Deutsch ist besser als euer Schwedisch" and indeed everyone agreed and no one started a conversation in Swedish with him. Pity. We should learn Swedish and spek it so well , just for the sake of answering : "Are you sure?" (In Swedish of course!) ;)


I liked also Avatar's  merchandise and the "folklore" in the merchandise corner: Portraits of the King done by fans were hanging on the wall, tour shirts with the whole band portrayed were the hot spot as well as little games and tender, cute small plush lions . Am I become a fan of the band? No. Will I attend again if I have the possibility? Yes, of course. Am I listening often to their music? Sometimes, some songs.. Have I bought a small plush lion? Yes, of course.


dalia di giacomo



 Avatar set list:

 Glory To Our King
Legend of the King
Let It Burn
Paint Me Red
King’s Harvest
Bloody Angel
For the Swarm
The King Wants You
Puppet Show
The Eagle Has Landed
War Song
Raven Wine
Smells Like a Freakshow
A Statue of the King
The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country 
Hail the Apocalypse

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