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PATH TO GLORY  European Tour 2018


Z7- PRATTELN, Switzerland - May 12, 2018






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Reportage (review and photos) by dalia di giacomo. Photos can be shared on social platforms but only if credit is given without cutting out the logo and/or changing them in anyway. 

Accreditation: thanks to Z-7




It has been a great evening. Truly a kind of unique event, because of the presence of Maurizio Iacono's  "Roman Legion" Ex Deo, who added an extra kick to what it may have been just an "usual" Pagan Tournee, after all. Don't understand me wrong, Ensiferum is an excellent band, worth to be attended every time, but that "mixing" of Barbarians and Romans, who march hand in hand to give a more pleasant taste to Pagan and Folk and Epic  Metal is something that doesn't happen every day. Perfectly supported by the Italian Wind Rose, both Ex Deo and Ensiferum has obtained a big success in the Swiss temple of Metal,  this is to say the Z-7 in Pratteln, near Basel. The Path To Glory Tour was also focused around new albums: Ensiferum 's "Two Paths",

(released via Metal Blade Records) and Ex Deo (Latin for "from God")'s third album "The Immortal Wars" (released via Napalm Records) and of course the set lists were influenced by the new songs. I was pleased to see so many people following with enthusiasm the concert of all three bands who rocked pitiless a crowded Z-7. But this was quite obvious. Less obvious instead, and a true surprise, was the performance of the Italian Wind Rose who were the first to hit the stage playing sort of  Symphonic-Folk metal tainted with Power metal in barbarian armour.  Bad ass vocalist Francesco, together with guitarist Claudio,  bassist Cristiano, Federico on keyboards, and drummer Federico, did a great show with an unmistakable  style of his own. Although the band was  robbed  near Barcelona they still had the essential things in order to perform the  shows and went on with the tour. And they made a very good impression at Z-7, warming up in the best way the stage for Ex Deo.


Opening with "The Rise of Hannibal"  and honoring the Roman history , frontman Maurizio Iacono , with fellow Kataklysm members J-F Dagenais, Stéphane Barbe and Oli Beaudoin have simply mesmerized the crowd with their music and their ieratic yet fierce stage acting. Epic Melodic, Ex Deo, sound and perform  really different from Kataklysm. It is extraordinary when the same musicians are able to dive into a totally different atmosphere. This means to be musician in the widest meaning of the word. And we had Kataklysm in front of us indeed, because bassist Dano Apekian had to jump off the tour due to private, personal  reasons, yet Ex Deo is truly something different and surely much more than a "side project". I absolutely love Kataklysm and have already seen live and reported Ex Deo, and again I was hit by this different image and by this different feeling. I am truly happy that Ex Deo was reactivated and that have composed again , designing in music another  historical chapter of Rome: The Punic Wars. Ex Deo's show was excellent, I got anyway the impression they were not in a great, positive mood, on the contrary they looked austere and sever.  I hope to attend Ex Deo again soon, and I suggest  to go and see  Kataklysm touring  Europe with Hypocrisy this Fall. Kataklysm have just released their new album "Meditations" now, so, in a way or in the other, Maurizio Iacono and his faithful squad are a must to see! Concerning the setlist I enjoyed Pollice verso , Romulus , The Roman, The Final War, I  Caligula.


Finnish Ensiferum is a band full of energy, a band born to ignite a stage. I was already impressed by Ensiferum playing the Meh Suff! Metal Festival 2014 and they didnt disappoint at Z-7 . Finally the crowd was on cloud nine. Songs like   “For Those About to Fight for Metal” , followed up with "Two Paths", and "Treacherous Gods", "Lai Lai Hei", "Way of the Warrior" till the cover  of Guns n' Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" were the highlight. Bassist Sami Hinkka has been again the scene stealer and wonderful showman. What can I say more? Ensiferum is in its genre a powerhouse. Bombastic on stage as well as in their albums, you can just love or hate them. And if you dont like Viking Metal (or call it as you want) you cannot deny that Ensiferum is also technically brilliant.  Ensiferum will play the Meh Suff! Metal-Festival 2018 in Hüttikon, Switzerland (September 7 and 8) , so don't miss them!! 


dalia di giacomo


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