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HOLLOW ILLUSION - "Hollow Illusion"


Norwegian Hollow Illusion's debut album

Hollow Illusion on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollowIllusion

Review by Stephen Rautner




Hailing from Strange, Norway in 2003 as Hollow; brothers Mangus Mikkelsen Hoel (vocals), Ove Mikkelsen Hoel (bass and backing vocals) along with a session drummer have produced two albums already and with the renaming of the band to Hollow Illusion they are ready to face the world with a new debut self titled release. Mixing was done in New York by Rob Z and mastered in Ahorn-Berolzheim, Germany, by Andy Horn. Production and engineering was done by none other than Trond Hotler. The music is said to reflect Thin Lizzy, Black Sabboth and Metallica all rolled into one. Very listenable from first play on and live shows are recommended for this band!
Extensive touring on the previous albums as opening act to big name band have given this group a smooth, tight
preformance. Fans of Hollow will will be extremely pleased with the new recording.


Intro - very atmospheric
God of Rock -crunching guitars, steriophonic drums blended by melodic vocals, blistering guitar solo
Lights go Down - Good anthem song, old school rock
I don't Care - Like an Iron Man in the sinking sand
Now or Never - chugging along with a driving beat
Mountains on Solid Ground - slow song
Can't stand Still - nice groove, bluesy guitar rock jam
Rain - great sing along anthem, funny
Fighter - reminsitant of 80's metal
Voodoo Medicine Machine - another goovy tune accompined with vocals
Come Back - slow song, sad breakup song

Fill the tank, drop the top and head out for the open road. With the new CD from Hollow Illusion blasting from the speakers
you can't go wrong, its gonna be a good day!


Review by Stephen Rautner



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