Auf deinen Schwingen 
Du siehst mich nicht 
Nur Du 
Sometimes Love is not enough 
Run away 
In dein Leben 
Last Will 
Der letzte Akt 
Dein Herz 




Thomas Rainer - lyrics, songwriting, vocals
Sonja Kraushofer - vocals

L' ÂME IMMORTELLE: "Auf deinen Schwingen"     l'ame immortelle        GUN 


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

I like the way they "feel" their songs.

The new L’Âme Immortelle cd confirms the new attitude of the band that nowadays can be considered a pure gothic rock band!.

We ‘ve already noticed this change of direction in the previous album; This new cd is a great one that confirms the attitude of the band to join the depth of gothic rock and deep sensation that are the characteristic of the band! Nowadays the band is formed by Sonja Kraushofer  and Thomas Rainer after that Hannes left the band in  2002.

I like the way they “feel” their songs…It’s evident that they have found their own way, that is inspired to the  famous gothic rock bands, but with an unmistakable personal touch that comes from their past into the electro-goth-dark ambient! It’s important to underline the great work concerning arrangements; There are “essential” arrangements….it’s a very good sound that is able to give the magic touch to this album.

Of course there are great songs, but not only…there are also mediocre compositions into this cd that anyhow I consider one of the best new comer in this winter!

There’s a most use of German concerning lyrics but also English; Let’s examine the essence of this album….

“Auf Deinen Schwingen” is great!!! Deep, and sad…a perfect gothic rock song that puts in evidence the quality of the singers!

“Herzschlag” is another good gothic hit in which Sonia sings in a great way….The arrangement is very easy but at the same time very essential, and reminds of classic gothic rock band!

Shadows of past into “Du Siehst Mich Nicht” in which Thomas releases a great interpretation…this song to be a great eletro-goth hit!!! One of the few songs that remind of this style.

The avoidable “Nur Du” comes before the mediocre “Phönix” in which the band tries to find a great groove but the song appears without originality and also without the usual compositive approach.

“Destiny” is the pure essence of dark in according to their vision! An arrangement very well made and a song in which Sonia confirms to be a great vocalist also for a great way to give an interpretation to the song.

There’s the time for a great ballad in which Sonia delivers another great performance…the song is one of those you can’t forget… Sometimes Love Is Not Enough”

The next one calls “Runaway” and it is sung by Thomas; It can’t but remind of Negative (Joanne’s band), latest Zeraphine and in general it gets that typical romantic metal mood that can’t but be appreciated by all fans of this style.

The next “Wohin” is another great song characterized by a great drum-loop and very good arrangement in which female and male vocals are able to create a very good refrain!

The next song is another classic romantic metal hit sung by Sonia; it calls “In Dein Leben”.

The depth of “Last will” is characterized by a good arrangement, and great Sonia’s vocal…there’s a touch of latest Gathering ....

“Der Letzte Akt” is a dramatic song in which the Sonia and Thomas are perfectly at their leisure to create a great personal gothic song that seems to remind contemporaneously to Lacrimosa and Oomph.

The bonus tracks are 3:

Bis Ans Ende Der Zeit” is  a mediocre song ….but, fortunately, there’s  “Dying Day” that is a
nice track characterized by a deep refrain in which I notice a  a very good sound!

The already known single “Dein Herz”closes this cd: it has been released before this full length and it’s a good presentation for the album.

…For all those who likes a good travel into gothic rock


rating: 8/10  


Salvo  Russo   01.12.2006   

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