01 - Lucifer
02 - Naer Skg Naer Fjllum
03 - Megin Runar
04 - Followe Thy Faire Sunne
05 - Unhappy Shaddowe
06 - Time Time Time
07 - Let It Be Ever Thus
08 - Reficul 2
09 - Lucifer

Kim Larsen
(guitars, vocals, percussions, synthesizers)


:OF THE WAND & THE MOON:   : "Lucyfer" www.ofthewandandthemoon.dk    euphonoious records (prophecy productions)

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____     +   notes by Stefan Vogelaar

One of the most tedious album ever!!!!!It's hard to hear the whole album...!!!!!!An acoustic guitar, a low voice that seems to whisper, some keyboard effects, percussion and some simply synth...these are the elements of this boring album!!!!
I see that there's a search of sadness and melancholy and Kim has tried to create a folk-dark album, but in my opinion this is one of the most useless releases ever!!!!!It seems an exhibition for beginners in guitar playing...that tries to gives an idea about  disperation with four chords!!!
I'm worthy of a prize...to have been able to listen to all this album!!May I describe a song like the title-track????????A song without instruments, sung with a tedious voice full of delay!!!!Music or exhibition of despair?? In my opinion the real disperation is for all those that will buy this orrible album!!!!
There are  lots of good bands without contract, and labels like Euphonoius should take into consideration that to sell the albums has became very difficult, and "Lucyfer" is a very bad cd that will be covered by  dust in the music-shops!!!!!How many people are ready to charge 15 for an album like this???  It's sad to write all these bad words about this release after that I appreciated "Star Rover" ...that is the latest The Loveless's album.(band in which Kim plays the guitar)..."but I can't but admit that there's much more better stuff than  this release in the dark-folk music-market......
Dark-folk is a very difficult style..only for impassioned, and there are some valid bands like Empyrium or Antichrisis, that are able to create sad melodies and  songs with good structure!!!!!!
There's  nothing to say more.......
Rating: 01/10  
Salvo  Russo    
notes by Stefan Vogelaar

Well, where should i start? I'd like to say that this kind of music has nothing to do with metal and it is not my cup of tea, though if it has some shapes which remind me a little bit of the psychedelic era.
In my opinion the execution of the tracks on this CD is very simple, but for people who like chillout stuff and classic "psycaedelic"  this CD can be even agreeable.
The intro is very good and some kind of bombastic, that lets you wait for some cool riff after it, but.....
the first song is, like all songs on this record, played with an acoustic guitar , mostly repetitive using just 2-4 chords, though the famous song "Lady In Black" from Uriah Heep is made of two chords aswell.
Neverless, i have to say that there was a good potentiality to get something better out of that, if the background was a bit better arranged with some riffs   la Pink Floyd or stuff like that, just to take the attention a bit away from the depressive repetitive sound of the monotone guitar playing in the foreground, but... it's not up to me to make a cd better or to give some suggestion to an artist, the record is as it is. The dark vocals are even more depressing than the repetitive guitar.
I dont want to talk about each song separately, but even if at a first listening they seem all the same, after 3 or more listenings one can hear the difference in the single songs.
My conclusion is, that i go now to have a look where the next skyscraper is and jump down...
if that is the purpose of this CD it would be a 10/10 worth....... 
but i dont think so and i will give a suggestion:  if you are in an instabil psychic condition or have an half idea to kill yourself, dont listen to this record!

Stefan Vogelaar 

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