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" about 1000 darkly dressed Metal Heads came to enjoy an evening full of heavy, doomy  and melancholic music."






Europe 2017 Tour

October 30, 2017 -Z7  - PRATTELN










Live Reportage (review and photos) by Matthias Borer


accreditation: thanks to Northern Music



What could be more appropiate in a cold October night, than visiting the „Shadow Kings“ inside the sacred walls of the Z7 in Pratteln?  I honestly don`t  know. And so about 1000 darkly dressed Metal Heads came to enjoy an evening full of heavy, doomy  and melancholic music.


 In time at 19.30 Sinistro entered the stage. The Band from Portugal  played  very  interesting  music; hard to describe. In the center of the attention was, without any doubt, singer Patricia Andrade, her performance was very expressive but at the same time fragile. Sometimes she was acting like a puppet on strings, singing with soft and touching voice the band's  songs in Portoguese. The audience listened attentively and reacted with warm applause. Later, after the show , I had the opportunity to ask the shy sympathetic singer Patricia how she would describe the bands music. She smiled and hesitated, thinking for a while:  „Somehow a mixture between Doom and Postrock“, thank you for helping me out Miss Andrade.


Then it`s Pallbearer`s part to conquer the hearts of the audience and they did it very well. The acting was very intense and got stronger from song to song. The riffs were very heavy and melodic, always combined with a sense for melancholy. The singer impressed with his strong and wide ranged clear voice. During the show the musicians merged more and more with their sound  and so did the audience. At the end both strong supporting acts prepared the well-filled z7 to welcome the legendary Paradise Lost.


The stage is bathed in red light as Paradise Lost entered by playing the harsh and rough Song „From the Gallows“ from their latest release „Medusa“. Right from the beginning Aaron Aedy is banging and moving constantly. „Tragic Idol“ and „The Enemy“ were following  and showed the band in a very good condition. Mister Holmes delivered a very strong performance and it seemed no big deal for him to switch between his deathmetal voice and clean singing as heard  in „Gods of Ancient“ and the phantastic „Entchantment“. Greg Mackintosh on the other hand presented himelf as a first class guitar sorcerer. No one like him is able to let the guitar wail in such a perfect manner, goosepumps ahoi. The setlist was full of highlights also including classics like „As I die“ (why with clean vocals Mr. Holmes?) or « Embers Fire ». Steve Edmondson on bass and new drummer Waltteri Väyrynen created a massiv rhythm foundation on which the songs emerged as monuments of grief and despair. After 13 songs the regular setlist came to an end and the band left the stage, but not for long. Obviously the crowd wanted more and yelled them back „ No Hope In Sight“ „The Longest Winter“ and  „The Last Time“ were the encore. What a blast this was.


by Matthias Borer



From The Gallows

Tragic Idol

The Enemy

Gods Of Ancient




An Etenernity Of Lies

Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us

Blood And Chaos

As I Die

Beneath A Broken Earth

Embers Fire


No Hope In Sight

The Longest Winter

The Last Time


Image Gallery Sinistro and Pallbearer

Image Gallery Paradise Lost