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Obscure congregation SPECTRUM MORTIS was formed in somber MMXV and under the sign of Baal. The gates of hell were opened to emerge their malevolent entrails to the black spell of death and destruction.

Among the shadows arise Aataa and Aath to celebrate a black mass and closed with the arrival of Sheram and Ta’ao. These four reptiles complete to the perfect black circle for the enhancement to the necrosophia and the arts of the occult sciences.
The band released two mini albums : "Blasphemare Nomen Eius" in 2016 and "‫קדוש" in 2018 and a split album with Mexico's Hacavitz.

SPECTRUM MORTIS played many live ceremonies as an authentic celebration of the fall of light and the cult of black fire under the sign of Baal.
After signing with Listenable Records, SPECTRUM MORTIS focused on the writing of their debut full-length album, immersed in ancient worlds between infinite passages buried in the sands of time, going back to the Sumerian saga of Apkallus and Ziggurats.
Under that primordial influence, the band entered The Empty Hall studios in Madrid in 2021 and recorded 'Bit Meseri - The Incantation' scheduled for a September 2022 release.

The band elaborates about 'Bit Meseri -The Incantation‘ :
"We wanted to recover the essence of both mini albums and translate them into an authentic black celebration to continue enhancing the obscure arts and dimensions that we have managed to create with these works. This congregation will continue to write cold riffs of death under the path of ancestral rites and traditions, always low extreme care and obscure dedication. "

SPECTRUM MORTIS transcends the listener with its inspired ceremonial occult death metal and their ‘Bit Meseri - The Incantation’ deeply masters that genre with great atmosphere and conviction.


Line Up:

Sheram: Vocals, Bass.
Aath: Guitars.
Aataa: Guitars.
Ta'ao: Drums.




 “Blasphemare Nomen Eius' mini album

 'קדוש' mini album

 'Ad Noctem' split Cd with Hacavitz





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