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at Kiff  in Aarau - Switzerland

September 17, 2022




A GryphonMetal Reportage by Daroc 



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LIVE REVIEW    | to the photo galleries

The promoter Metalmayhem celebrated its 15th anniversary at KIFF Aarau on September 17th. This event has a kind of history. It was originally intended as the release show for Messiah's longplayer "Fracmont" on September 12th 2020. Well – we all know what happened with most of the concerts worldwide. However – this time it worked out. The bands Total Annihilation, Flescrawl and Messiah, who had originally been scheduled, were joined by Contorsion, Hellvetica and Asphyx.


The event took place on two levels. On the one hand in the “Foyer” (with free admission) and upstairs in the “Saal”. It was planned in such a way that theoretically there should not have been a minute of silence. Immediately after the last note of each band, the next one started. It didn't quite work out with the last band. Due to the strikes in Amsterdam and the resulting cancellations and delays, Asphyx arrived in Aarau only shortly before the show started. But they arrived - and it was awesome.


But from the beginning. It seemed like the fans didn't want to miss a second. The foyer was already quite full .

Contorsion from Central Switzerland started the evening with their driving Thrash Metal. The experienced musicians around front man Marc didn't need much time to raise the temperature in the “Foyer”.




Fleshcrawl then opened the evening in the "Saal". The German death metal institution entered the stage and played like there was no tomorrow. After the death of their long-time singer Sven due to cancer, it was uncertain whether they would continue. But almost a year ago, the new singer Borisz was introduced and the band continued. And - what a killer set from the German veterans.



Back in the foyer. Total Annihilation plays once again with substitute guitarist Jonas von Comaniac one week after their appearance at the MehSuff Festival, as regular guitarist Schmidle is still recovering.  But that didn't detract from the Basel band's performance. Just like the week before, a tireless thrash attack rolled over the fans. It was over much too quickly.



Then back up into the “Saal”. One of the longest-serving metal bands from Switzerland is on. Messiah enter the stage with their new shouter Marcus and with a lot of fun. The crowd was waiting for them and Messiah delivered. Of course, their now two-year-old album 'Fracmont' was represented with a few songs. But classics like "Space Invaders" and "Extreme Cold Weather" were also on the bill. Conclusion after an hour of Messiah: it was great once again!




Now for the last band in the foyer: Hellvetica!!! It was practically a home game for the Aargauers. Damn, does this singer have power. Roman doesn't stand still for a second and has the audience in his grip. During the first song already the first circle pit (which made it a bit difficult for me to take photos...). Unbelievable the energy that developed in the audience. "Thrash with attitude" is their motto. Hell yeah!



Finally, the Dutch veterans Asphyx with singer Martin van Drunen, bassist Alwin Zuur, Paul Baayens on guitar and Stefan Hüskens on drums. When the audience would have been ready, the sound check was still in progress. As mentioned, the guys had only arrived shortly before their performance. But so the tension rose all the more. Then it started and the Dutch death roller took no prisoners. After 35 years in the business, they don't let themselves get rattled by a short arrival. Apshyx had the Kiff under control and the fans were grateful. Hammer.


Conclusion of the evening: from start to finish just awesome!

Thanks Kiff, thanks Metal Mayhem and above all thanks to Contorsion, Fleshcrawl, Total Annihilation, Messiah, Hellvetica and Asphyx!!!



Live review by Daroc





19:00-19:30 CONTORSION -> Foyer

19:30-20:15 FLESHCRAWL -> Saal

20:15-20:45 TOTAL ANNIHILATION -> Foyer

20:45-21:45 MESSIAH -> Saal

21:45-22:15 HELLVETICA -> Foyer

22:15-23:15 ASPHYX -> Saal


Foyer 19:00: Contorsion


The Plague of Virtuality

United Zombie Nations

Rise and Fall

This Lying Breed

Unconditional Hate


Thrash Metal Domination


Foyer 20:15:




Reborn in Flesh

Iron Coffin

Solace for the Weak

Black Blood

Big, Fat, Lying, Bastards

Day Z


Foyer 21:45: 



Deadly Eyes


Forever revolution

Mohawk Spikes

Against the Odds

Gate to Hell

Wake upt the Dead



 Saal 19:30: Fleshcrawl


Carved in Flesh

Bloodred Massacre

Flesh Bloody Flesh

Embraced by Evil

Phrenetic Tendencies

Into The Fire Of Hell

Written In Blood

After Obliteration

From The Dead To The Living

Slaughter at Dawn

Beneath a Dying Sun

As Blood Rains from the Sky

The Day Man Lost

Saal 20:45:



Sacrosanctus Primitivus

Hymn to Abramelin / Messiah

Space Invaders


Choir of Horrors


Akasha Chronicle

Morte al Dente

Living with a Confidence

Total Maniac

Cautio Criminalis

Enjoy Yourself

Extreme Cold Weather

Saal 22:15: 



The Quest of Absurdity

Botox Implosion

Molten Black Earth

Death the Brutal Way

Asphyx (Forgotten War)


Knights Templar Stand

It Came from the Skies

Wasteland of Terror

The Nameless Elite

Forerunners of the Apocalypse

The Rack

Last One on Earth




Photo Gallery CONTORSION


Photo Gallery HELLVETICA

Photo Gallery FLESHCRAWL

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