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A Beautiful Lie
The Kill
Was It A Dream?
The Fantasy
From Yesterday
The Story
A Modern Myth
Battle Of One*
The Hunter*
*bonus track




Jared Leto - Vocals
Shannon Leto - Drums
Tomo Milicevic - Guitar
Matt Watcher - Bass
30 SECONDS TO MARS: "A Beautiful Lie"  30 seconds to mars   Immortal Records/Virgin


This Is War
30 Seconds to Mars (Italian

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Full of passion


Boys and girls this is one of the best album I've listened to in these latest years. Pure modern rock/metal full of passion and power, like only this album is able to do!!!!3 years ago the debut album  was a very amazing cd that allowed me to know this good band, and now this is the confirm for them, we can't ignore that this a sound will go on in this new "millennium". A band that is able to mix in a perfect way all their influences and create a not original sound but without shadow of doubt full of passion and great sense of musicality.
Every song is made with a special touch,  nothing is made without a touch of passion. The Cure meets A Perfect Circle with the shadow of Zeromancer and The Live... So in this way we can describe this band!!!

Since the first listening you'll be involved in the special feeling they're able to create!!!"Attack" seems a mixture between Modern Punk and Alternative...but please. Look over, it's a very good track, sung with a special feeling by Jared who shows his vocal abilities in the whole album! And this is just the begin....
"The Kill" is pure passional Modern Rock in which the melody is protagonist of a great song that is characterized by a deep melancholy...
Shadow of "A Perfect Circle" in  the title track "A beautiful Lie" that is ready to let you dream thanks to its crying melody ....this is a very involving song , perfectly arranged, and I can't but admit that Jared gets a great voice....
There's still darkness in the following track "Was it a Dream" that joins melody and great rhytm....this is another awesome  idea, well arranged by a great sound, that in my opinion is not original but gives value to the passion shown in all songs!


"Savior" is another deep song that joins the best of "A perfect Circle" with the best of Zeromancer!....The melodies are perfectly arranged and the rhythmic parts are very amazing...It's a great cd..

Let's go on..and "From Yesterday" delivers a sound that can't but remind me of the best 80's pop/dark wave songs mixed with modern rock...The melody of this song will bring you to the top....the band is able to create heart-attack songs without problems...

Ok, there are also a couple of not very good songs like "Fantasy" and the follow "The Story" that are nearer to old grunge and don't keep high the quality of this album, but the album is closed by  two pearls; the first is "Revolve" that is a dark-rock track and can't but remind of The Cure and A Perfect Circle...It seems just a perfect mixture between these bands...what a great song!!!!

Then we have "A modern Myth" is an easy and agreeable acoustic song that closes this album with a "goodbye" sung by Jared...

I'm anxious to hear about them because this is a very great band;  this album is destinated to leave a mark!



Salvo  Russo  

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address

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