The Origin Of The Muse
Lost Melody
The Sons Of Heaven
A Gathering Of Shades
I Have Sailed With Odysseus
The Dawn Of New Athens
The Garden I long For

Vocals - Melissa Ferlaak

Guitar - Earl Root

Guitar and Composition – John Prassas

Bass - Eden Taylor

Drums - Tim Klatt

Violin - Thereasa Hanley

AESMA DAEVA: "The new Athens Ethos"   aesma daeva      Root of All Evil Records 
Aesma Daeva live in Minneapolis 2004

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

The whole CD is, by definition, Gothic

To be honest, I am going to start off by saying that I found it very hard to pick apart each individual song on this CD. The reason why this is, is that unlike all the other CD’s in my vast CD collection, this album is laid out differently. Typically in the world of rock and metal, it goes bam-opening track, continue on a level like that, and then go a little slower, ect. There is a set formula to songs in terms of rock. For Aesma Daeva, this is completely different. This is not your typical heavy band. Nor is it a Nighwish rip off either, I’ll go into that later. There would be long fade out to songs, but would carry on into the next track. There are also some tracks where it’s just bass and very little of anything else in the rest of the song (the Sons Of Heaven), but the bass and the vocals carry the whole song and set the mood. In normal rock albums, there are different moods that set up on CD as I mentioned above. Aesma on the other hand, keeps the same mood through the entire CD. The best way I can describe this CD, is that it is laid out like a classical music CD.

            Initially my complaint about this CD was there wasn’t a single track I could turn to where it was going to get me in the mood to drive faster, or go into the pit at a concert. I kept asking myself, “Matt, this band sounds awesome live, what the fuck!?” That’s when I realized this band is different and it is this difference that sets these guys (and girls) apart from every single heavy band out there. Another thing that sets this band apart is there singer. Tarja from Nightwish can sing “Classically”, Melissa is a true to form, Opera singer. She complements this band better than any singer possibly could. She gives this band a signature that no one could hope to duplicate. Although, I personally would have used a different drum sound on this CD and boosted the guitar, the whole CD is, by definition, Gothic.

            If I were to write up a dictionary of metal terms, words, and examples, I would put Aesma down for Gothic. This CD is very dark, dreary, and sends forth a feeling of depression that is just plain disturbing. However great, the listener deffinateley has to be in the mood to listen to this though. I found it hard for me to go from listening to Dark Moon and Node to listening to Aesma.

            The best track to note on this CD is “The Origin Of The Muse” . If they would just cut off the first 60 seconds of the song, cut the opening acoustic guitar (I think that is the instrument) and have a smaller intro, then hit in this awesome guitar riff, which sets the stage for the entire song. Drums gradually come in, then it’s double kick and chugging guitars, and then Melissa’s voice come in and gives you this eerie and dark feeling that is just so damn original! Only in friggen movies, people can do this, and Aesma pulls it off well. But in this track, they cut all instruments and it goes all brass…what the fuck…then the mood of the song changes, and from there on, the CD is %100 gothic sounding.        

             I liked this CD, but I don’t like the way it is presented.  These guys (and girls) sound just so damn different live. I’ll still see them; Aesma is the best local band in town. So if anyone in Minnesota is reading this, check these guys out, they usually play once a month.


rating: 7/10


Matthew Haumschild 
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