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1. Intro
2. Pagan Reborn
3. ...And the Skies turn in black
4. Demise Manifesto

5. Everything Dies
6. The National John Doe
7. Inward The Fairy





Salai Ereshkigal

Baal Taran

Guitars, Programming, Samples

Lord Deimos





Grui Sanger  Guitar/Bass




BENATNASH / SATANOCHIO: "Pandemonium" CD split  

Cytheron Prods / Bøddel Produktion / Azermedoth

War Prophecies

review by Alex "Costa Rican Fan" Ramirez___   

All the darkness that the listener is looking for.


This evil Mexican trio has returned with their new production called “Demise Manifesto”.

The talented Baal Taran is once again in charge of every single instrument. And I must say the songs have achieved a more accessible structure and a whole new groove level. They are filled with melodic passages, but at the same time they maintain the chaotic evil atmosphere that characterizes this band.

This sound is wicked with a feeling of old school black metal. It’s mainly because of the drumming. And I really enjoyed the drastic change in the drums. Its no the typical black metal wall of beats. Their sound goes along in perfect harmony with the songs and they allow the listener to enjoy the other elements. In this production you can feel all the epic dark scenarios that a portrayed through the use of Keyboards, piano and artificial strings. These are an essential part of the obscure and malign atmosphere that reigns in these 3 songs.

After a brief enchanting hypnotic intro we are bombarded with  “Pagan Reborn”. The first thing that comes to my mind is that those vocals are way more aggressive. They sound like a tornado of anger.  Salai, the vocalist has improved her sound, reaching deep into her soul and bringing back a piece of hell. And she’s ready to share it.

The third track “As The Skies Turn In Black” is a melancholic piece of art filled with sorrow and desperation. It is actually my favorite song.

Their last track is “Demise Manifesto” a frenetic song with lots of energy. This song must be a killer during their shows.


With this production Benatnash have consolidate their name in the international scene. Their musical proposal results stimulating and delivers all the darkness that the listener is looking for.




The second sensorial assault comes from the band Satanochio from Romania. This band has some very bizarre concepts about the world we live in.

After a dark and sinister intro, the brutally catchy “Everything Dies” starts. With a mixture of mid-tempo psychedelic  and epic riffs. These guys blast away everything in their way.  The depressive feelings and the dark moods are in every note. Their music it’s like a sociopath on crack creating music.

“The National John Doe” it’s the name of the second track, and let me tell you that this band features some insanely heavy riffs. And they are right to label themselves as evil metal because they create a dense dark atmosphere. Their sound is aggressive and innovative.

The vocals are a mixture of regular growls and insane-asylum screams. Those screams really help illustrate this psychotic world they have created.

An aspect worth-mention about this band is the drum work. They are aggressive and raw. Don’t get me wrong they are very technical but the sound is brutal. They remind me a little bit of Brujeria’s early drums.


The last song is “Inward The Fairy” . This song is just plain crazy. Screams of anguish followed by a blast attack.


This split CD entitled "Pandemonium" is highly recommendable for fans of Black Metal and good Metal in general.

9.0 / 10


written  by  Alexander Ramirez    10.01.2010

Alex Ramirez is a staff writer/editor for since 2006

He is based in Costa Rica and can be reached at myspace.



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