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Hard Time For The Wrong Man
Incongruous Possession
One Step Behind Anger
Driven By Hate
Denied Rights
Minds Temptation
Dust Structure

Detestation Inc.




Fernando Boccomino - guitar / vocals

Anderson De França - bass

Danilo De Freitas - drums

CHAOSFEAR: "One Step Behind Anger "     chaosfear  

review by Alexander "Costa Rican Fan" Ramirez___   

Sound that drives you to uncontrolled headbanging. This kind of distortion is just what the doctor ordered.  






This Brazilian trio is a prime example of a great Thrash band and what can be accomplish by hard work and lots of energy. This first album is just amazing. It is a well crafted combination of brutality, catchy riffs and tons of socio-political chaos. All the Old School violent elements are present here.

This record features some of the best guitar work I’ve ever heard. The kind of sound that drives you to uncontrolled headbanging. This kind of distortion is just what the doctor ordered. Uncountable wicked solos that complement the mood in each track.

The drums are consistently pounding throughout the album like an unstoppable machinegun tearing the enemy’s body into shreds. And yet they’re not boring at all.

Vocals are great… Deep and powerful. A growl that took me back to my teenager years as a Sepultura fan.- It must be a Brazilian thing-. Fernando delivers their very social lyrics with unmatched might.

With a top-of-the-line production that includes excellent artwork and a professional sound. They release this first disk as a declaration of war. And it deserves to be heard.


The first track “ Hard Time for the wrong Man” is pure speed and aggression and it is really the beginning of a journey into this musical jungle. There are some intervals of mid-paced sinister tunes that reinforce the chaotic evil atmosphere.

The second track “Incongruous Possession” has some of the best riffs in the whole production the guitars in this track are awesome and just mind-blowing.

The title track “One Step behind Anger” is much more elaborated and epic. It’s characterized by wall of sound created by the guitar and a lethal dose of double-bass. There are many speed changes and solos which contribute to maintain a level of freshness and expectation  in the listener.  I’m sure it’s a great live track. The kind of song that drives the crowd go insane. I really enjoy listening to those primitive, raw drums. Some Thrash bands have crystal-clean drums. And in my opinion it takes away the brutality.

“Driven by Hate” is a killer track. With a huge north-American trash influence. The sixth track “Denied Rights” it’s like a war machine charging against the enemy: brutal and Merciless.

“Minds Temptation” is a track with violent strong guitars and blunt drums. One of my favourite tracks in this album.

The seventh track is called “Dust Structure” drums on this song are insane. Delivering quality blasting and devilish double bass.

The last track “Detestation Inc.” starts with a slower pace, Down-tuned guitars and sinister chords. The perfect atmosphere for a song about the senseless carnage of war.

Although their sound is clearly influenced by other Thrash bands, they have achieved a style of their own. And their unique brand of metal is just devastating. If this debut can be use as a reference of future recordings, I can’t really wait to get my next dose of Brazilian-old-school Thrash. A must for all of you…



Four of the eight tracks are available for listening/downloading here:

rating: 10/10

review by Alexander Ramirez  


Alex Ramirez is a staff writer/editor for since 2006

He is based in Costa Rica and can be reached at 


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