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01 Kaleidoscopial Downhill

02 Poisonhead

03 Bitter Dominance

04 Image of Disorder

05 Destined to your own Hell

06 Vergiften

07 Don't mask your Weakness

08 Paradox of Pain

09 Inner Revolution

10 Truthless B.C.

11 Obliteration (Unlimited)





Fernando Boccomino - Guitar / Vocals Eduardo Boccomino - Lead Guitar

Anderson De França - Bass

Danilo De Freitas - Drums  



CHAOSFEAR: "Image Of Disorder"      



review by Alexander "Costa Rican Fan" Ramirez___   Photo of Alexander Ramirez


Blasts of anger and insanely catchy riffs.

Chaosfear is back with their second album. Entitled: “Image Of Disorder” and it’s truly a reflection of our sad fucked-up world and, musically speaking, the Brazilian band comes with lots of surprises.

They took some time after their 2006 debut to return with a fully recharged brutal sonic assault. Their music is filled with frenetic blasts of anger and insanely catchy riffs. Their final product combines old school Thrash with Melodic metal.

I can surely say that the major improvement over their last production is the guitar work. The composition and the complexity of the riffs are just mesmerizing. Definitively a gigantic leap towards this new sound; with lots of harmony incorporated into each song. The listener will find that each solo is filled with passion and 100% Brazilian heart.

The drums sound clean but the intensity and anger still remains. They have parted away from the mechanical sound of their previous effort to become more organic and complex. They also featured raw vocals with the same intensity and pissed attitude as before.

Tracks that stand out are:

“Bitter Dominance”, filled with powerful fast riffs and crushing drums, is my favorite song.

“Image of Disorder” a thrash hymn; try not to headbang to this!

“Destinated for your own Hell” it’s a mid-paced track with crushing guitars that grind your mind and depicts images of your own hell.

“Don’t mask your Weakness” is a track that will become a classic of the band, all the melodic riffs melt your mind in this devastating mid-tempo masterpiece.

“Obliteration” is a fast-paced track that is design to grind your flesh and crush your bones. One of the best tracks. Featuring that insanely violent old school feeling.



They have definitively manage to evolve into a different and more refreshing sound,  and in the process they have improved every single aspect of their musical proposal: Great riffs, genius drumming, insanely angry vocals and a lyrical content which depicts a dying chaotic world, but at the same time offers answers to change it.

These guys will prove to the world why they were signed by OLD SCHOOL METAL RECORDS. Do not miss this album which successfully combines the best elements of today’s metal with the spirit of the Old Thrash.  This is a must have for all metalheads in general.

rating: 9.8/10

review by Alexander Ramirez  


Alex Ramirez is a staff writer/editor for since 2006

He is based in Costa Rica and can be reached at myspace.




Band founded by Fernando Boccomino, his brother Eduardo Boccomino and Danilo de Freitas. The band was born in 1999 under the name Sick Mind. In the next year, a 3-song demo called Sick Mind was released, and its good acceptance pushed the group to do a lot of gigs and to think about an entire album. While composing new songs, the bass player Anderson de França joined the band, and in 2002 a new demo started to be recorded. Meanwhile, a namesake band was discovered, so Sick Mind became Chaosfear.

The new demo, Inside The Extreme World was ready to be released, but guitar player Eduardo Boccomino left the band, and the demo came out only in 2003

In February 2006, the band started the recording sessions of One Step Behind Anger, which was released in July 2006. the album was nominated the "Third Best Independent Release of 2006" by the Canadian Magazine "BW&BK". In the beggining of 2007 the band signed a deal with the North-American record company "Old School Metal Records", that released the album worldwide.   In August of 2007, the guitar player Edú Boccomino joined the band again, and the concerts became more brutal than before. In the end of 2007 the band played with death metal legends "Cannibal Corpse", in an unforgettable gig.

By February, 2008, ChaosFear started the recording sessions of "Image of Disorder", the band´s second effort.

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