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Living Dead Beat 
Are you Dead Yet ?
If you want Peace... prepare for War 
Punch me I bleed 
In your face 
Next in Line 
Bastards of Bodom 
Trashed, lost & strungout 
We're not gonna fall 

Alexi Laiho - Vocals ,Guitar

Roope UKK Latvala - Guitar

Henkka Blacksmith - Bass

Janne Jameson Warman - Keyboards

Jaska J-cob Raatikainen - Drums

CHILDREN OF BODOM: "Are you dead yet?"       children of bodom                 

Hate Crew Deathroll


review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild (US preview)___ Matthew Haumschild


I swear, COB is an updated band from the 80ís! They sound like it and they look like it. 

I made the determination that Children Of Bodom is a very updated 80ís band. When I saw COB last year at the Quest in Minneapolis, I studied the stage antics of Laiho along with playing style and hair-style and thatís how I made this determination. However, the music was fresh albeit the lame song names. When listening to ďAre You Dead YetĒ I kept this in mind. I recently looked at one of COBís websites and I still have no idea what to think of them. The band sounds great musically. The guitar solos are spectacular, the drums are adequate, and vocals sound good. So Far so good right? Now, thereís nothing wrong with the 80ís but I would be careful how much influence it would have in my music.


     The best way of describing this album is to say that itís heavy as hell, but it is not a continuation of ďHate Crew Deathroll.Ē This CD doesnít have as many mind blowing tracks that were out to kill as that album.

Living Dead Beat is as good of an opening song as any, almost too good. It sets the mood of the whole CD with the lone Keyboard intro then everything else jumping. Guitar, bass, and fast drumming.  The rest of the song is actually quite catchy. The guitar work is something to envy as a guitar play and the way the vocals are sung, makes it even easy for most people to learn and recite. And the guitar solo in this song is insane! The next track, Are You Dead Yet, is a classic COB sounding track. The keyboards are typical of the band as is the arrangement. I could have easily have heard this on any other COB album, My favorite part of this track is the chorus. The way the guitar plays and the way the song is sung in this part just sounds amazing. Although, I wish that I knew what he was singing. However, I would say that the catchiest track on this CD is If You Want Peace, Prepare For War. Itís fast as hell! And the riffs in this song kept my head banging. To me, this is melodic death metal at itís finest. Fast everything! I still wish I knew what Laiho was singing in this song, whatever he is singing, it sounds good enough for me. About the only thing I could understand was when the screemed the song title. 

The bad part about the rest of album was that I thought it was quite dull for COB. Everything started sounding the same. Fast guitars and fast drumming, fast solos that didnít exactly stand up and say something. Although in, In Your Face, some of the singing is very Max Cavalera-ish and the chorus sounded like something that indeed came out of the 80ís. The one time I could understand him. The lyrics in that chorus were lame, ďÖI double dare you, BRING IT ON, this is my world, your in it, Iíll take you down in a minuteÖĒ then he kind  of trails off into words I canít exactly make out. Although I am trying to understand exactly what he was trying to accomplish in this song.


     Although to be honest, I do want to hear their Britney Spears cover. Just to see what they have done to it. I canít imagine it being much worse than it already is. The album, productionwise sounded fine. I could hear everything just fine, although the tone of bass was much to be desired. The producer and engineer put a reverb and a distortion on the bass that didnít make it sound natural through out the whole album and it just sounded terrible! Now, for maybee one part of one song it would have been cool. Everything else sounded sweet though. No complaints on that end. But I swear, COB is an updated band from the 80ís! They sound like it and they look like it. Next time you see them in person, keep in mind of hair bands from the 80ís growling like Dave Mustaine and jumping around like Ratt and sounding like Slayer or Testament and thereís Children Of Bodom.


rating: 7,5/10 


Matthew Haumschild




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