1. Legion Of Doom
  2. Evil Dead
  3. Beyond The Unholy Grave
  4. Power Of Darkness
  5. Death By Metal
  6. Corpse Grinder
  7. Summon To Die
  8. Zombie
  9. Witch Of Hell
  10. Reign Of Terror
  11. Slaughterhouse

Bonus Live-songs “After Dark Club” – Texas 1990

  1. Living Monstrosity
  2. Pull The Plug
  3. Zombie Ritual
  4. Altering the Future
  5. Left To Die
  6. Spiritual Healing
  7. Defensive Personalities
  8. Mutilation

Tim Aymar (Vocals)

Chuck Schuldiner (Guitar) (R.I.P.)

Shannon Hamm (Guitar)

Steve DiGiorgio (Bass)

Richard Christy (Drums)


CHUCK SCHULDINER/DEATH: "Zero Tolerance II"                  karmageddon media

distributed in Switzerland  by Irascible Distribution   release date Europe 09th August 

review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___               

So this is it, the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.). The legendary demos. The first Death-demo ever called “Death By Metal” from the year 1984, where Death had the former name Mantas, and the second Demo “Reign Of Terror”, also from 1984. The fist thing I have to say, is that “Zero Tolerance II” is a discrepant record. On one side, the positive one, we have a great concert from the year 1990, where Death performed their classic(k)s – like “Pull The Plug”, “Left To Die” and “Zombie Ritual” - in front of a fanatic and cheering crowd. The sound is raw, of course, but good, and it’s just great to listen to Chuck Schuldiner’s voice, of course when he sings, but also when he announces the next song. Also very good to hear is his origin, typical virtuous style of playing the guitar. And a funny scene is also included: Chuck announces the song “Spiritual Healing” (cult!), but the song doesn’t start, and suddenly, Chuck begins to insult a “fan” which spitted on his guitar. The people seemed to be very enthusiastic, during the breaks between the songs, there is always much of noise, and at the end, Death have to come back for an extra-song. This all happened in the “After The Dark” – club in Texas and makes sure, what a fantastic, what an unique band Death was and how big the loss of Chuck Schuldiner is, not only for the extreme Metal-scene. 

That was the positive side of “Zero Tolerance II”. But there’s also a negative one. Or at least a half-negative one: The demos from Death. Well, the first one on “Zero Tolerance II” is good. It’s the one called “Death By Metal” under the name Mantas, and here, the sound is okay, it’s very rough, but if you listen carefully and concentrated, you can hear every instrument and already here, Death showed their enormous potential and their great ability in writing complicated, pretentious and confounded songs, with great lead-guitars, the insane voice of Chuck and powerful drums.

So, but now, let’s come to “Reign Of Terror”, the first real Death-demo. Unfortunately, the sound is very bad, so the songs may be as good as the ones on “Death By Metal” or even better, but as listener, you just can’t hear that. Everything is very noise, very chaotical and just a big sound-squash. I think that’s a bit sad, because that’s not what the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner deserves to be.

So, as conclusion, I can say that “Zero Tolerance II” is good, with great live-songs, a good demo called “Death By Metal” and a very bad one called “Reign Of Terror”. That’s a bit disappointing… 

Rating: 7.2/10  


Boris Witta    

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