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So it was at 

Z7 Metal Dayz 2009





  The arrangements are like a magic formula     Charlotte sings in duet with Burton C.Bell (Fear Factory)


"We Are The Others"


1. Mother Machine
2. Electricity
3. We Are The Others
4. Milk And Honey
5. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
6. I Want You
7. Where Is The Blood (feat. Burton C. Bell)
8. Generation Me
9. Babylon
10. Are You Done With Me
11. Get The Devil Out Of Me
12. Not Enough







Delain is: Charlotte Wessels, Martijn Westerholt, Sander Zoer

Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije and Timo Somers.


Royal metal is here.

I would coin a new definition for Delain…They’re royal metal!!!Yes…it’s charming as the singer of this band…Charlotte Wessell…
The pureness , the majesty, the warmth….and the power!!! It’s a  flower smelling like a rose…and even if  the songs of this album won’t change the story of the band , it’s true that they’re the confirmation of a magic spell…
They’re considered a pop-gothic band, but my new definition is the one most that fits the most…

Let’s start talking about the most interesting song….
“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” seems a charming love metal song characterized by a dreaming refrain and the usual power guitar riffs in which Charlotte make us dream with her magic voice…
I could say the same for what concern “Are You Done With Me”…a very “easy-listening” song that could be appreciated not only by metal supporters….it’s a delicate way to play romantic metal…the arrangement makes the song like an anthem; great space for magic keyboard parts supported by modern heavy guitars.

There’s space for very powerful and less romantic songs like “Where ‘s The Blood “ in which the delicate Charlotte  sings in duet with Burton C.Bell (Fear Factory) an icon of industrial metal; the song is a sort of romantic goth metal mixed to Alternative core metal…a very successful experiment….in which gothic chorus create a suggestive emotion into the claustrophobic refrain.

“Milk and Honey” is another mix between romantic metal and modern core guitars …the sad and melancholic refrain is the cherry on the cake….
Charlotte shows incredible expressiveness, and it’s even evident  listening to “Generation Me” …another good song in which a simple lyric isupports a great melody.


The single “We Are The Others” is  characterized by a very great lyric …it’s a spur to be better…and an hymn for the new generation….
 “We are the others,
We are the cast outs,
We're the outsiders
But you can't hide us,
We are the others,
We are the cast outs
You're no longer on your own
If you feel mistreated,
Torn and cheated,
You're not alone,
We are the others
(We are the others)”

“It’s Not Enough” in which Charlotte shows a very great ability to create vocal melodies and sometimes reminds me of Anneke( The Gathering)…this song gets  another interesting lyric theme about the forgiveness…

The arrangements are like a magic formula…powerful guitars and heavy rhythmic support…perfectly blended and mixed…the production is not in question…it’s awesome!
Royal metal is here…


written  by Salvo Russo 

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001.

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