Music For The Night



River Of Perdition

Underground Poetry


L´ Avion Ivre

Asteroid YB5


Moondrawn Awakening



April Mourning

Song Of The Nightingale

Nuit En Enfer

Colourado Mindtrip

Space Sound Park





Sascha Blach - Vocals

Martin F. Jungkunz - Guitar, programming, keyboards

Christian Beyer - Piano, synths

Christoph Grünert - Bass

Jens Reinhold - Drums

DESPAIRATION: "Music for the Night"      despairation       my kingdom music /rough trade


A Requiem in Winter's Hue

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

A very flop album. Mediocre and boring.


I'm very disappointed !!!!

A very flop album released by this German band who presents itself like a dark modern orchestral Goth band....In my opinion this cd is neither a mediocre tentative to realize what they'd have wanted to do! 

The songs are not well structured and the sound reminds me of a 70's rock or something similar  but I'm very sorry to admit that both the arrangements and the compositions are below average!...The singer gets a monotonous voice, and also guitars and rhythmic session gets confused ideas in the composition- structures! The production is fair, but it's not enough ...

The cd is very far from the definition with whom they  present  themselves; there are a couple of  fair ideas concerning atmospheres , but also when they get those ones, the tentative to find original and inspected solutions in the chords of the songs makes their music very boring...and nearer to a mediocre 70's rock than dark gothic...definition that seems miles away!

Is there something to save? Of course....There's a lullaby for piano "Nuit En Enfer" that is enjoyable night song...that reminds me of  soundtrack dramatic music film and some fair ideas made by piano (in few songs)...but this cd is a flop!


rating: 4/10  


Salvo  Russo    07.12.2004 
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