1. Of Steel And Man
2. Iron Hearted Cross
3. Overwhelming
4. Cycle Of Zero
5. Underground
6. 7.62
7. 2nd Ghost
8. Start At The End
9. God For Gold




Jyri Aarniva - vocals
Jukka Hoffrén - bass
Sami Inkiläinen - guitar
Jarno Hänninen - key
Jarno Laakso - guitar
Teemu Laitinen - drums

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Modus Operandi

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

The second release of this Finnish band is an album full of different influences that shows me how the band is working to create a personal style that is still far, but I can't but notice how the band has been able to improve.

The first song "Of steel and man" is a mixture between Children of Bodom style with something similar to In Flames!!!!!A very exciting song in which the band is able to create a good power-metal-death song with a great keyboard sound!!!!!

The second one seems to remind to the  gothic-power metal Nightwish style, but I still don't appreciate Jyri's vocal, that are too much monotonous even if sometimes his timbre is rather agreeable. On the whole this song is nothing special both for melodic solution and intensity, even if the band is able to create a good arrangement.

Shadows of Children of Bodom involves the follow track "Overwhelming" in which the band is able to create a good duet between scream and clean vocals. I must still underline that the song doesn't get a cool refrain; In my opinion they'd work more in order to find better melodic solutions for their songs; The band is able to create a powerful and elaborated sound that is not supported by good refrains.

The titletrack  gets a good intensity thanks to the great arrangement. I notice that the band is not able to change the way to compose, and every next song seems too much similar to the previous one, but it is due to the melodic approach problem already mentioned;

"Underground" tries to involve with a cool refrain that in my opinion is too much confused, Nighwish and Children of Bodom are still  the main influences but also Dark Tranquillity and In Flames are two important bands for the growth of these musicians.

Pure melancholic goth-death metal is "7.62" that in my opinion is a good track in which the singer tries to give a personal touch with the usual clean but monotonous vocal. One of the most interesting track of this album is "2nd ghost" in which I notice a great melodic approach mixed to the usual power style!!! But for me the best song is "Start at the end" that show me the melancholic side of the band. A song full of lovemetal influence!!!! Jyri shows the good timbre for this kind of song that gets a cool refrain!!! A very unusual song that takes inspiration from H.I.M and ENTWINE.

The album is closed with an ultra power-metal track in which I notice another great arrangement but some confused ideas.

On the whole I appreciate the good ideas to mix scream and clean vocals and also this style that seems to be inspired to Nightwish and Children of Bodom, but I must still to mention the mediocre clean vocals and moreover the not perfect melodic solutions that don't give value to the good capabilities of these musicians.


rating: 6.5/10  


Salvo  Russo  
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