She Dies 
Through Infectious Waters
The Dying 
Serenade of Sorrow
The Morningstar
The Gothic Embrace
On Sunday They Will Kill the World
Forever My Queen




Johan Ericson - Lead & rhythm guitar
Andreas Karlsson - Keys and programming

Lisa Johansson - Vocalist

Anders Jacobsson - Vocalist

Daniel Arvidsson - Rhythm guitar

Fredrik Johansson - Bass

Jerry Torstensson - Drums  

DRACONIAN: "The burning Halo"    draconian     

Produced by Andreas Karlsson and Johan Ericsson
Mixed at Anders Ljudbild by Anders Bergström and Draconian
Mastered at Tailor Maid Productions by Peter in de Betou     

Arcane Rain fell
Where Lovers mourn

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


Slow and twisting, it creeps consuming your consciousness.

Back with more death dripping with ominous Doom . Slow and twisting it creeps like the symbiotic blackness of Spider-Mans new suit consuming your consciousness.  The male vocals growl, slowly rip the mind with their infectious beckoning to demise and hopelessness.  Then the female counterpart immediately follows with soothing comfort but it is only the beginning.  “Dawn breaks open like a wound…and the dreadful sun”.  Continual suffering and immense despair, hoping only for just one brief moment of peace.  This is the beginning…


            Drums infectious and relentless, and a harsh whispering demanding, directing drawing you deeper into this dark and brooding dream or reality you are not quite sure at this point.  Sound comes at you form everywhere, at one then gone.  But only for a moment then one again it returns.  Thunder, droning whine of a note fused with a chant and growling.  This all end with a short piano interchange.   The next song is a continuation to a similar melancholic entrancement.   The forth song Serenade of Sorrow  is considerably upbeat with a clearer array of instruments and vocals clean and growling, with a short section in the middle entirely of female vocals.   Then with a bombastic return of drums, guitars and growls the song continues.  This is a conversation between Lucifer, Spirit of the Night, Grievance and Asaroth.

     I am the light that leads to Darkness” and so the 5th song The Morningstar begins.  Eight minutes of praise on why Lucifer will save those cursed and alienated by the glory of Heaven. A Revolution that will reign supreme and triumphant!  (so they hope)  The Gothic Embrace, continues the debate and cajoling of Lucifer with Deliah and Astroth.  Eternal night and the Dragon! Accompanied by their own choir!

  On Sunday They will Kill the World  (Ekseption Cover) and Forever My Queen finish the album.  A really rockin’song, kinda like the Cult if they were death metal.  The album is a mix of old remasters and new offerings and a couple of covers. Grinding and howling and beating you into the coffin of dark delight. Suffocating in despair and deceit and giving their well thought out argument though.  Deceit.

   Produced by Andreas Karlsson and Johan Ericson, and mixed in Anders Ljudbild by Anders Bergström, The Burning Halo is well orchestrated and developed, is a majestic blend of DRACONIAN’s previous two releases, which shows the Swedish Doom Metal masters in perfect form, having developed into one of the scene's top acts. Heavy guitars and intense growls meet romantic female vocals, head-splitting drumming, and sorrowful piano arrangements. Draconian immaculately unite these elements to create a perfect symbiosis of Gothic Metal and Doom. –

rating: 8,7/10  


Steve Rautner   02.02.2007 
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