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Sweet Sacrifice
Call Me When You're Sober
Weight Of The World
Cloud Nine
Snow White Queen
Like You
The Only One
Your Star
All That I'm Living For
Good Enough




Amy Lee - piano, vocals
Tim McCord - bass
Terry Balsamo - lead guitar
John LeCompt - guitar
Rocky Gray - drums

EVANESCENCE: "The open Doorevanescence             


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Evanescence adores the dramatic side of music. 

Evanescence confirms to be a good band! Thanks to the good quality of most songs of this new album, they are ready to obtain the great success already known 3 years ago!

Ami Lee confirms the great quality of her performance by a very cool interpretation!

Even if not all songs are very inspired, Evanescence gets a very good sound, result of a perfect arrangement, and good ideas that seem similar to the previous album concerning the style! Nothing to say about the great production!

The single “Call me When you’re sober” will not repeat what “Bring me to life” was 3 years ago, but in this album there are very good cool songs like “Lithium”, an intense ballad in which Ami Lee shows the true feeling of Evanescence music, or “Like you” that is another dramatic slow-song in which I notice a great arrangement that gives value to the song, characterized by the great Ami Lee’vocals!

Evanescence mixes Gothic rock, Melodic metal and Alternative Nu-metal in a great way, even if I can’t but underline that the compositions are enhanced by a great arrangement. Anyway sometimes it’s impossible not to think that the songs are very similar under compositive  approach!

Evanescence adores the dramatic side of music…and I love the pure feeling of “ The only one” that gets an unforgettable refrain!

There are also mediocre songs like “All that I’m living for” and “Weight of the World” that seem not to find the usual groove! And there’s also space for the crying theme called “Lacrymosa” characterized by great chorus!

On the whole this album shows all  the characteristics that will be loved by those who appreciated the previous one; In this album I notice a great inspiration in slow-songs thanks to the great Ami Lee’s vocal! In conclusion, I invite  Gothic-rock metal fans to listen to it…This album will not disappoint you!

rating: 8/10


Salvo Russo  29.09.2006


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