The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker 


 (Life) 24H 


 Into Flesh I Was Born 


 Ple:se Disco-nnect Me 

 Over The Deathbringer Stars 

 The Doubletalker & The Sle:perspe:ker

 - Rage Filled Remix (by GGFH) 

videotrack: “Never(k)now”


Anders Melts - vocals, programming
Renno Süvaoja - guitars
Riivo Torstenberg - bass
Tiiu Kiik - female vocals, keyboards

FORGOTTEN SUNRISE: "ru:mipu:dus"       forgotten sunrise          


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  

My Kingdom is a very careful label to discover talented bands, but concerning Forgotten Sunrise I can affirm that they're not a young band, because this act plays since 1992.

Of course the line-up changed a lot, as well as the style of music played and this album is the result of years of musical carrier. It's impossible to give a definition of their style, a band that is able to mix many different genres of music, and for this reason this album is an exciting experience to discover what is possible to compose when you have a rich musical background.

The music played is a mixture of different kinds of music: Gothic, Trip-Hop, EMB, Wave and there's also a touch of Death metal!!!  

Sometimes I notice very good and original ideas: in my opinion Forgotten Sunrise are searching to create a very personal style, far from others bands, but this ambitious project is not still perfect.

There are some good songs, but also some mediocre ones, that are the result of new musical experiments. I underline the good ability of Tiiu (female vocals) that has some vocals that remind me of L'âme immortelle, on the contrary I don't appreciate Anders (male vocals), that has an inexpressive timbre, unable to give emphasis, but he's very able to use programming!

Electro-dark fans could find interesting this project; try to listen to Surroundeosmos that has a very good electro-dark rhythmic and a deep dark mood that involves the song, and of course there's the magic touch of Tiiu!!

Into Flesh I was born is a very interesting electro-dark song in which they are able to create an old dark mood, and full of personal programming elements.

I underline the interesting horror atmosphere created in the last song; a remix of The doubletalker & the sle:perspe:ker. Gothic, Trip-Hop, Death and Dark are perfectly mixed!

I can't forget to underline the romantic 80's mood of Never(k)nown that is full of 80's pop-wave, and still one time I underline a fantastic female vocal. A successful song, and in my opinion full of an unforgettable charm, made in 80's!

Gothic, Death and Trip-Hop involves (Life) 24h, a very claustrophobic song , that could be perfect for a horror film, and I can't but admit they get a very horror inspiration, that sometimes goes too dark...try to listen to Thou-sand-men in which horror parts are mixed with a trip-hop rhythmic and a dark mood.

I can't but remember there's also a pure atmospheric sad song in Over the deathbringer Stars, an experimental darkful of ambient and a particular atmosphere.


There are also mediocre ideas, and sometimes the band tries to create something original but, on the contrary the result is very far from what it could be....try to listen to the opener song...and not only it!


I'm sure that in the future this ambitious project can give very good satisfactions, at the moment I suggest you to give a chance to this band, most of you could find it interesting!

Rating: 7/10  

Salvo  Russo    19/04/2004
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