I - 

Ropelove - 

Lo-Fi PPL In The Fade-Out World - 

Nextep Suicide - 

Dead Le Gends A Mong The Living - 

Prophylactic EUthanAsia - 

Christ Your Name - 

Manyone - 

Very De:p Shortgut - 

Hero-In-Gre:npiece - 

The Ownle: Noise - 

0 -




Anders Melts - Vocals, programming, jew's harp (7), cymbals, tambourine (7)

Renno Süvaoja - Guitars

Andrey Voinov - Bass

Gerty Villo* - Female vocals, keyboards - *not featuring on this album

Guest musicians: Andrus Valtenberg (keyboards (2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,12), Tiiu Kiik (keyboards (7,11), Inger Lilles (female vocals (3,6,10,11), Kill Kaare (various ethnic instruments (5,7,10)

FORGOTTEN SUNRISE: "Willand" forgotten sunrise            My Kingdom Music

Recorded, edited, mixed & mastered: by Kristo Kotkas at No-Big-Silence Studios (Estonia).



preview-review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Perfect atmosphere 

for a dark-dance floor

With great pleasure I present you again this band from Estonia, that, I’m sure, will amaze you…. They’re an experienced band… it's since 1993 , the year of the demo-tape “Behind The Abysmal Sky”, that they’re on the road!!!!

How can we define this band? There’s no definition…but if you want to travel into the abyss of electro-dark , please listen to this album! It could be the perfect soundtrack to let your mind travel where no one can annoy you…

Of course, this is not the album of consecration, because they could still improve, in particular concerning the atmosphere that is not always successful , but, without doubts , the band is able to mix trip-hop, breakbeat, techno, ebm, synthpop, industrial and dark!!!! It's the perfect album  to be danced into a dark disco-pub…

The uneasiness of  “I” is the begin of a travel…This song is the perfect intro for this journey…. The next “ Repelove” is a perfect example of dark-techno…

“Lo-Fi PPL in The Fade-Out World” is GREAT!!! Great work made by a trippy arrangement in which the synth are perfectly mixed with distorted guitars and an involving atmosphere in which the music will lead your mind into the abyss of darkness…

Pure techno-dark is the next “Nextep Suicide” that is another succeed song that is made by a great atmosphere in which it’s impossible not to notice  Anders' magic synth.

What a great track is the next one (Dead Le Gends A Mong The Living )!!!!!The band is able to mix  industrial, trip-hop, techno, and ebm with an amazing ability!!!!Pure cyber-metal!!!!!GREAT!!!!

The avoidable “Prophylactic EuthanAsia” seems a tentative to realize a different kind of song through an original soft atmosphere (made by loops ) …but, unfortunately, it’s a failed song!

Another not convincing song is the next “Christ your name” in which the band is able to create a great original song full of influences but the whole atmosphere seems not to win over (in my opinion).

The band returns on the right path in the next “Manyone”, that is an excellent  electronic techno ebm  song. Perfect atmosphere for a dark-dance floor! It’s the same for the next one” Very De:p Shortgut” in which the growl vocals are perfectly integrated into the claustrophobic atmosphere of the song realized on the electronic basis.

There’s till space for the experimental track “Hero-In-Gre:npiece”, some parts of which still doesn't convince me…

The next one is “Nextstep Suicide” that is not at the top concerning the search of the right atmosphere, but it’s a great track concerning the arrangement…..

The final track is another great one!!!!!It is called “O”…The involving techno-dark atmosphere will be the joy for all who likes this kind of music!!!

This is a good album for all cyber-metal maniacs….Great arrangements, superlative production and some good songs!

rating: 7.8/10  


Salvo Russo  15.04.2007  
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