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Z7 Metal Dayz 2009






Golden Resurrection: 

One Voice For The Kingdom


Liljegren Records 

01. The Temple Will Remain
02. Spirit War
03. One Voice For The Kingdom
04. Night Light
05. Golden Resurrection
06. Can't Slow Down
07. Heavenly Metal
08. God's Mercy
09. Born For The Strangers
10. Moore Lord

Christian Liljegren on Vocals, Tommy ReinXeed on guitars, Steven K on Bass, Svenne Jansson on Hammond/Keyboard and Affe Fridhagen on the drums



Talents that God so abundantly bestowed upon you!



With inspiration drawing from some of music's great forbearers like Iron Maiden, Van Halen and Mozart, Golden Resurrection
has created a powerful album. Dedicating and giving thanks and glory to the Lord, to whom it is due . 

Ten songs that sing praise to God all the while delvering a fun yet blistering album that rocks! From the beginning of "the Temple will
Remain's" hammering intro to the final notes of "Moore Lord", GR delivers a progressive and yet aggressive awe inspiring feast of Metal, bound to keep you engaged and intent on every sound coming out of your speakers that should be at top volume at this point.

A brilliant mix of guitars layered with drums and keyboard (sometimes portraied as Harpsicord or Organ) and the soaring vocals, the album is one song after another praising God. This band has it all including near the end of the second song a homage to Mozart himself, as well as number seven's Heavenly Metal which is 4:07 of instrumental guitar
and drums and more guitar. This album is a must to everyone that enjoys music! Thank you Golden Resurrection for your
inspiring and uplifting offering of the talents that God so abundantly bestowed upon you!

"...Heavenly symphony for all to voice for every nation"


review by Stephen Rautner - team

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