1. Gothic Anthem
2. Angel
3. The Holy One
4. Pray
5. The Possession
6. Devil
7. Shroows of evil Sins
8. Hatred
9. March of the Dead
10. Wish
11. Post Ludium
12. Angel (Club Version) bonus track

Gothminister – vocals/performance

Machine - guitars

Android – keyboards/percussion Halfface- keyboards

Dementia – performance

Kermit – lights designer


GOTHMINISTER: "Gothic Electronic Anthems"   www.gothminister.com          /e-Wave- BMG


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  

It’s a highly agreeable album this new Gothminister work !!!This band plays Industrial Electro- Goth, and their music could be suitable for all those who love L’AME IMMORTELLE sound!!!  If you are a defender and you don’t like electro-drumming .you may jump the reading of this review!

The band gets  a lot of good ideas concerning the melodies and the atmosphere, concerning the compositive approach, it gets a personal mark!!!! Dance rhyming meets the darkness in a perfect way, and the claustrophobic compositions are full of darkness and intensity….

The ideal care for the arrangement and the sound gives a special value to this album! I love the digital drumming and the voice that sometimes remind me of MARYLIN MANSON!!!The use of vocals is made with the proper care, and Gothminister knows how to change the timbre and effects in order to give the right expressiveness.

Try to listen the atmosphere of “Post Lidium” and you’ll enter into a dreaming dark world, or the claustrophobic atmosphere of “Hatred” that is a very strong composition in which the rhyming meets the darkness!!!!  It seems a travel into an abyss….Such as “Shadows of evil Sin” that could be appreciated from all Black-Goth fans!!!  This song is sung with a horror whispered voice, the music is slow and without drumming ..and it seems to be taken from a horror film!

Angel” is an Eletro-Goth Masterpiece!!!!The melody is fantastic and the electro-drumming is supported with strong and heavy-guitar that gets a fantastic riff supported by perfect chorus and a horror voice!!!!Try to listen…..It’s fantastic!

I don’t like “Pray”, and “Devil”! In these songs the dance-rhyming is more in evidence and the melody is about easy-listening!

March of the Dead” remind me of “The Crow” atmosphere!!!Do you remember this film!!!!?A heavy riff guitars meets the darkness . The voice is perfect!!!!A whispered “Black Metal” voice in the strophe, and a low-gothic voice in the dark refrain!...Of course the drumming is electro-style.

Wish” is a dreaming song in which female vocals create a special atmosphere.

The holy One” gets an unforgettable refrain and a dance-rhythm that I’m sure it will make an impact on all those who like this kind of music!!!!

Gothic Anthem” is a mediocre composition comparing with the other songs!

If you are a dark soul….If the black, and the rhyming of the night are the sense of your life…this album is: BUY OR DIE!!!   True defenders and all those who don’t like Electro-Industrial  should, on the contrary, stay away from it.

Rating: 8.5/10  

Salvo  Russo    

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