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Ola Lindgren - Guitar & Vox

Fredrik Isaksson - Bass

Ronnie Bergerståhl - Drums



GRAVE: "Dominion VIII   grave            

Fiendish Regression

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___            




Machinery of destruction.


After twenty years of existence and two years after „As Rapture Comes“, Grave present us their eighth album named „Dominion VIII“.

As expected the “Grandfathers of Swedish Death Metal” show up with their typical sound and song structures, making them appear so traditional and genuine. 

The nine songs are in a way obvious, as all the trademarks are known and brought to daylight in highest quality, as usual. Of course, when one has grown up with  classical masterpieces like “Back from the Grave” it will be impossible to find something better than the old hymns, but  this album shouldn’t be meant to replace the passed times and sensations.

Every single track is full of energy, hate and darkness, and the technical skills of the three members make appear difficult and complicated riffs and bridges rather simple and easy to follow, and this is in my eyes the best sign of a very good song!! The riffs are catchy and powerful, the voice is so full of despise and anger and the new drummer, Ronnie Bergerståhl, really knows how to create a crushing rhythm in order to kill everything and everyone tries to stop the Swedish machinery of destruction!      

The more I listened, the more I became fond of “Dominion VIII”, and I have to admit, that this cd won’t leave my player that soon! In my opinion a perfect album to lean back and listen to, when being in mood of a really good piece of Swedish Death! Buy it!!


Rating:  8,5/10 


Gianrichy Giamboi  13.06.08 

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