1. Crushed to Dust
2. Lullaby in Winter (in 2 parts)
3. Writings on the Wall
4. Into Deep
5. The Boy in the Attic
6. Two seconds in Life
7. Myron & Cole
8. As Life flows by
9. Rain

Tchort - guitar
Kjetil Nordhus - vocals
Stein Roger Sordal - bass, guitars, harp
Anders Kobro - drums
Bernt A Moen - keyboards, piano
Bjorn Harstad - lead guitar, effects

Additional musicians:
Christiansand Chamber Ensemble


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Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____     


This band comes back after half and one year from their articulated "Light of Day ,Day of Darkness"; This new album shows us how is possible to mix many styles in order to create somenthing original, and in my opinion they can make their way among heavy metal fans!
I notice the influences from prog 70's , and a gothic metal taste in the way to express their feelings into the songs. Kjetil 's vocals seem to be similar to those of Pain of Salvation's singer!!...The guitar arpeggio remind me of Sentenced in the atmospheric parts, and the proper care for the composition show us a mature band!
Not all songs are up to the task...but on the whole this is a very good cd! They're able to amaze you with different kind of melodies into the same song!!!
In my opinion the best song is "Rain" ...a perferct mixture between Gothic and Prog, in which the sadness of lyrics seems to join the instrumental parts in the best way possible! It seems a mixture between SENTENCED and latest AMORPHIS..but there's also an evident prog influence concerning the way of making the structure's song!
"Writing on the Walls" could be a perfect Sentenced single!!! It gets a perfect Gothic melody !!! The final part shows their abilty to create different rhytmic parts.
"Two seconds in Life" and "Lullaby" are the slow songs in this album. Two songs of sadness!!!The music mixes prog 70s influences (not only for the music but also for the arrangements!) with the melancholy of modern gothic metal
All the parts are composed with care..but not all melodies are up to the task!!!
"Crushed to dust" isn't an original song...and in my opinon represents one of few unsuccesful songs! "As life flows by" gets a good refrain but doesn' get the same charm of the of the others!
"The Boy in the Attic" is really noteworthy...even if the care for the structure and for the sound is not supported by a good melody.
On the whole this is a rather good album
rating: 7/10
Salvo  Russo    
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