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 1. Last Breath

 2. Red Line 

 3. They Suck Your Soul 

 4. Tommy's Grave 

 5. Come Back To Hell 

 6. Psychokiller 

 7. In The Gash 

 8. Evil Time 

 9. This World 

10. War And Death




Ruggero Formicola 

Vocals, Guitar
Peppe Senese

Vittorio Casaburi


Lorenzo Picierno

Bart D`Arezzo 



1997 - “Escape Of Natural World” (demo)
2008 - “The Experience” (CD – Club Inferno Ent.)

2010 - “Hysterical Psychosis” (CD - My Kingdom Music)

INALLSENSES: "Hysterical Psychosis"           My Kingdom Music 


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: at Inallsenses Studios by Giuseppe Senese and Lorenzo Picierno

out on Nov. 5th, 2010

review  by Salvo Russo____   

Immersed into the wildness.

Italian metal …thanks to MKM is emerging in a great way, and after  the previous experience with Club Inferno (another side of MkM ). This cool band comes out with an adrenalinic album!!!
The style  is destructive and is inspired by bands like  Lamb of God and Arch Enemy….great riffs, great modernism, but also technique!!! The production is good and it’s an important element …

The singer is up to the task, and in my opinion, the difference between this band and SuperbiA consists in the approach….SuperbiA goes to Prog and looks for great different solutions…Inallsenses goes more to deathcore, for the rest these bands represents for me two important names  for the future from this label….

The main element is the impact created by a walls of great riffs that are the essence of the songs…
Bart is a great drummer, and the band always finds interesting solutions….
Although the style played gets  about the same approach …I notice the ability to find good melodic solutions…”They Suck Your Soul”, “Psychokiller” , “In The Gash” show the great power of the band, that doesn’t look for different solutions but is able to create killer songs in  a great way!!!!
If you like to be immersed into the wildness of the modern death metal, this album is created for you…and only for those who like a full extreme impact!!!

Great band….


Salvo  Russo   21.11.2010

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address

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