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  GOD FORBID :  interview with Doc Coyle


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IV: Constitution of Treason
God Forbid live at Weapons of Mass Destruction Tour 2004 in USA




Speaking  about  Minneapolis, tours and bands, NWOAHM, the new album: concept and evolution, favorite music, and....the  Game of the Tower!






Matthew - Hey Doc, how you doing? How’s the weather like in New Jersey?

Doc - It’s like a 80 degrees here and people are just having heat stroke! It's nice to have a break here and there, but it does cool down at night so it isn’t so bad.


Here it's about 70-75 degrees, not too bad, it's Fall weather and it gets down to around 50-55 at night.

 Where is this?


Oh this is in Saint Paul

Oh in Minnesota?


Oh yes, you've played here many many times :) ! 

Yeah actually, we haven't played Minneapolis since our last tour through there, which was a while ago with Machine Head

Yeah, I was at that show man, you guys were awesome!

Then we did a really terrible headlining show.


Oh yeah, you were playing the Lab (now called 4th Street Station – Saint Paul) and you guys were in the middle of your set when I finally arrived.


Yeah, that was probably the worst show of the whole tour because that day there were like 3 other shows going on and the shows ended during the week like at 8 o’clock (20:00) …


Yeah, that's Minnesota for ya, during the week there's a curfew for minors at 8 or 9 o'clock.


It felt like we were playing on a Sunday or Monday it was like, "What's the point?"


Yeah, well, we've had some really great shows in Minneapolis and that was…


To be perfectly honest, I first saw you guys in Arizona, opening up for Opeth, Nevermore and Angel Dust and this was supporting the "Determination" CD.

That was an amazing show, and that was the first time we ever played there and it seems like every time we play Arizona that we never have a bad show there and every time we play there its just great.


You've toured with so many bands, which ones are your favorite?

Well, we are really close with Lamb of God, Machine Head, I'd have to say that those are the bands we’ve really bonded with that we’ve gotten close with but you know like from way back in the day we would do some low budget tours like with us and Shadows Fall ya know, so we go way back, like we have this family type bond and their your friends and then all of a sudden they are selling just a ton of records and selling out clubs, it's insane! It's really cool because it’s great when really good things happen to your friends that do really really well. We are also really good friends with the Slipknot guys, ya know like with a lot of bands around here. It’s all about hanging out with your friends, and just last night, I was hanging out with the guys from Nevermore from the Gigantour and yeah we're really good friends with those guys.


On the other hand, with all the other bands that are out there, who would you most like to tour with?

Um, I'd like to tour with Mastodon and I'd like to tour with Opeth again. And I am really excited about the upcoming tour with Meshuggah and we appreciate the generosity of Meshuggah. I'd also like to tour with Tool, maybe System of a Down, we've also thrown out some ideas like touring with Public Enemy.


That would be pretty cool

Ya know, we would like to really diversify ourselves and try to play in front of different audiences ya now outside of the normal metal or thrash metal box or whatever. Well almost every other bands has toured with everyone else that I can think of with except like Metallica or Iron Maiden. We've toured Ozzfest with Judas Preist, Sabbath, Slayer, and you know, Slipknot…we've played with just about everyone and all the bands that are big now and we've just toured with just everybody.


Do you guys consider yourself a big part of the, “New Wave of American Heavy Metal”

Yeah you can say that I mean, we share a lot of the same mindset and goals as a lot of those bands. I mean I think it's great I think there’s a lot more validity then let's say the metal-core genre because I think the new wave bands have a lot more identity, I mean there's a big difference between Shadows Fall and Children of Bodom.

In regards to your new album, would you consider this a concept album?

Yes, it's a concept album but it didn't start out that way. We wrote the music and everything before we recorded it and we wrote lyrics too but then we kinda just turned it into a story with the titles of the songs.


That's way cool, I've also noticed that this album sounds a little different from your last two CD's, it sounds a bit more melodic. Was this planned?

Actually it wasn't We didn't sit down and talk about or anything we just got up and played and it came very naturally to us but we also try to be a little bit more diverse with ever album.


Like Evolution?

A little bit like that, it would be nice to play to a much wider audience by doing stuff like that.


What kind of music do you guys usually listen to when your outside the studio or the stage environment?

Oh we listen to just about anything, right now I am really into the new Avenged Sevenfold CD but no one in the band likes it!

<both laughing>

But for me anyway, I can't just listen to death-metal everyday like some people do but I have though in the past. I also really like the new Arch Enemy CD, I think those guys are great too, I’m also listening to Meshuggah and other bands like that.


This is my final question, and it is a typical GryphonMetal question that is asked of everyone that we first interview, we call it "The Game of the Tower", lets say for all tends and purposes there's this tall tower, and you want to get on top of this tower by any means necessary, however, at the top it can fit only two bands, but miraculously  there's three bands on top when you get there, Machine Head, Shadows Fall, and Nevermore. As I had mentioned before, you want to get on top by any means necessary, which two bands would you kick off?

Who were the bands again?

Machine Head, Shadows Fall, and Nevermore.

I’m sorry what's the purpose of this tower? And what happens to these bands?

Oh, these bands just get pushed down the stairs and you and the other band would, in this case rule the world, it's not meant to be a serious question, just for fun.

Then, I'd have to pick Machine Head. Shadows Fall and Nevermore are great friends of ours too but Machine Head really had our backs here in the States and in Europe, and we sing nothing but high praises for them.


Well thank you so much for your time I hope you tear it up on stage all over North America and Europe!

Thanks a lot!

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