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Interview with 

George Downloved

by Salvo Russo

In October 2011 the Greek  SadDoLLs  finished their new album called "Happy Deathday", released 2012 by the Italian Record label "Lunatic Asylum Records". Their promotion & management in Germany will be handled by Silke Yli Sirnio (Ex-manager of the Finnish band HIM & P.R at Nuclear Blast Records). The official biography says: "Concerning the new album,"Happy Deathday" we can say that the new record has a big variety of influences and styles combined with an agressive-heavy sound along with electronic elements.To describe it better,it sounds like Killswitch Engage playing HIM's Razorblade Romance Album.". All this was reason enough to catch the attention of  our Italian editor and Gothic Metal expert Salvo Russo who has organized this interview with SadDoLLs ' vocalist George Downloved.


SadDoLLs are:

George Downloved - Vocals
Paul EviLЯose - Guitars
Daniel Aven - Guitars
Mary Mc Blood - Bass
St.Gas - Drums

Label: Lunatic Asylum Records (Italy)  k http://www.lunaticasylumrecords.org

Webseiten: khttp://www.saddolls.com     khttp://www.facebook.com/saddolls 

k review Happy Deathday

Love Metal never existed

Have you heard many goth influenced bands with metalcore break – downs and scream vocals? 



1)      Hy George!!! It’s a pleasure for me to have this interview; I ask you…tell me shortly the story of SadDoLLs….

George: Hello it’s great to be here with you J SadDoLLs was formed in 2006 by our guitarist Paul

And former bassist Miltos as a HIM tribute,for one show only,but after that show gaining positive reviews we started compising our own music and the result was our first E.P. Dead in the dollhouse back in 2007.In april of 2008 we opened for Lacrimas Profundrere in Athens and after that show we started recording our first album About Darkness that would define our music and sound : Electro Gothic Metal. The album was released in 2009 by Greek Emotion Art music and came along with two single –videos (Watch me crawl behind (2009) and Misery (2010). Also in October of 2009 we had the opportunity to open for Paradise Lost in Gagarin 205 in Athens,and in 2010 we opened for Xandria’s show also in Athens..After revibing our lineup we started composing songs for our second full length album.The new album Happy Deathday was released by Italian label Lunatic Asylum in January 2012,and came along with the first video “Bloodred”.

We are currently managed by SIlke Yli Sirnio (HIM) in Gemany, and our first single was included in Sonic Seducer’s compilation album for February’s issue “Cold Hands Seduction Vol.128”

In April the 7th we opened again for Lacrimas Profundere in Athens,and we have scheduled appearences for the two Moonspell shows in Greece in September 2012.


2)      I notice a very important difference between the first and the second album for what concerns the soul of the songs;  moreover I see a very evident Finnish mark…isn’t it?

George:Yes,music from Finland was always part of our influences. In our first album About Darkness you can notice those influences too,but on Happy Deathday are sure more hearable :)

We wanted to mainstreamize our sound so more people would get to know about us.

I Also read a couple of reviews about Happy Deathday claiming that our songs and sound was

“routinely”. Have you heard many goth influenced bands with metalcore break – downs and scream vocals? ;)


3)      There are a couple of different atmosphere ;  “Psychedelic Love” and “Be Darkness”. Do they represent the dark soul of SadDoLLs? How do they burn?

George: We always liked bands like Deathstars or Rammstein,so those two songs are our tribute to them, and yes, they represent the darkest and most fucked up things that we have in our minds, so they are played and presented to you by our point of view. Psychedelic Love burns like Hell and Be Darkness burns in the hearts of sweet young girls :P


4)      The production of this latest album is very good and I want to underline the good use of electronic stuff in order to put in evidence some important parts…are u really satisfied about it?

George: Yes we are actually pretty impressed with the outcome,our producers John Mcris and Nick Papadopoulos did a great job with the production of the album as they mixed and mastered it but all the synths loops and electronic sounds were written and programmed by our formed keyboardist M-Teo. He also wrote many songs for the album.


5)      Deep dreaming atmosphere and darkness...how can you define your music? Is it right (in your opinion) to look for an exact musical definition?

George: As I mentioned before we call our music Electro Gothic Metal and this title does not define our sound perfectly, but it comes close. Some people call our music “Love Metal”. This genre never existed and never will be, it’s just a title from a HIM album, and a HIM “inside” joke.

I  Don’t think HIM ever used synths and darkwave keyboards or double beats and screams, am I right? Sure, we are influenced by HIM, but they do not define what we do or how we sound like, people need to be more open minded and just listen to the music, not tagging it.


6)      I see that in your latest album there are important guests  (Jape Peratalo e da Juska Salminen);  two icons for Finnish Gothic…how did you get in touch with them?

George:Juska and Jape are friends of us from 2006,we were always in touch with them, so when we finished the pre-production of Happy Deathday we send two songs to each of them and kindly asked them to do some parts in one of those songs. They chose the song they liked best,and they just did it.We are happy with the outcome, and we would love to do a tour with To/Die/For to promote our new album.


7)      How much is important (for you) Ville Valo & Him for new gothic rock bands?

George: HIM are the masters of new age goth. They started this 80’s glam goth rock in 1997 and they are the only band from Finland that managed to gain international career (at least they did it first).We started this band because of HIM as I said, we just modernized their music using our own point of view and minds.


8)      You come from Greece, and I have to admit there are very good bands  like you, Bare Infinity, Alucard…is it more difficult to find space for a band coming from South Europe?

George: As I know of Alucard are Romanian or something, and sadly Bare Infinity are disbanded now :(. We used to be in the same label back in 2009-2010. Europe bands from Greece are treated sometimes like they are bands from Pakistan or something :P Even though the metal scene has many big names coming from Greece (Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh or Firewind).

Also that guy from Firewind (Gus.G) is the new guitarist of Ozzy Ozbourne, but even though these bands have great success abroad, Europe keeps on treating bands from Greece like nobodies.

Don’t know what to say about that, why don’t u ask Merkel? :P


9)      SadDoLLs and tour…tell me about this new experience with Lacrimas Profundere…How many new things are you developing  through this experience?

George:We had the opportunity as I said to open for Lacrimas in Athens for a couple of times and we had great time with  them.We are friends with the guys since 2008, and when they visited Greece again this month, they chose us to open for them.


1     The last question is our usual and classic Game of the Tower…You’re on a very high tower and with you there are 3 bands; You have to push down two of them, saving the third one….with you there are: (it’s a real “evil” question) J


George: Im afraid I have to save HIM. They owe us a great new album :D

Thank you!!!



interview by  Salvo Russo       Salvatore Russo    www.facebook.com/nightofdreams 

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