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interview with Ignazio Nicastro from Eversin  27.03.2010

interviewer: Salvo Russo

organized by Eversin and Salvo Russo

Eversin live at Metal In Rozz 2 - 2012
Divina Distopia



Megadeth is something more




1)      Hi …Can you present the band to our readers?

Ignazio Nicastro (bass): First of all I wish to thank all at Gryphon Metal, for the space you are giving to EVERSIN. We are proud to be on your webzine. The band was born in the early 2000, under the old moniker Fvoco Fatvo and made up by 4 members. With this moniker and this line up we published two promos “Tenebra’s Dream” 2002, and “Of Light and Dark” 2004, and in 2006 a full length for NLM records titled “Our Elegy”.  In 2008 we started recording new stuff for the new record and,  meanwhile, (fortunally)  the keys player leaves the band. So we started to live the band again and to write the music we really loved. In 2009 comes the sign with My Kingdom Music, and “Divina Distopia” is finally reality.


2)      In my review I’ve written that your style is great because it mixes in a good way , power metal with an evident  symphonic approach , are you satisfied of final result?

We are enough satisfied of Divina Distopia, but I have to admit that there is something that now I would change. Too much keyboards, and probably in some part of the album the sound is not really perfect. All these things I don’t like, wont be part of our next record, you can bet on it.


3)      What  can you tell about the evolution of your music? What are the main differences between “Our elegy”(previous album) and the recent “DIVINA DISTOPIA”?

     The most important difference is the fact that when we published “Our Elegy” the line up was different. EVERSIN is not Fvoco Fatvo. I don’t want to deny what we played with that moniker, but now things are different. Now our music is more powerful, closer to a kind of Power - Thrash Metal. Now we can play what we like.


4)      What are the main influences for the band?

    We love different bands, but only some of them are source of inspiration for EVERSIN music. Megadeth, Annihilator, Nevermore, Coroner and some others…No progressive band in our influences, even if you can find some part close to this genre. We don’t play progressive.


5)      You come from Sicily…is it difficult to make live show?...what can you tell me about the public response to metal live performances?

    Playing live in our beloved land is really hard. Sometimes get organized some events and a lot of people take part to the shows, but sadly is a very rare things. 


6)      The evolution of metal into electronic style has changed the essence of many bands…I notice that you play a style that keeps the elements of the traditional approach….what do you think about modern metal?

    Uhm…What you say is true…I think that  bands need to play what they feel but is not a right thing to forget the traditional elements. Today all has been told, played and written, so a good band, if it’s good for real, should be able to read the past and turn the basic elements in something of modern, but without forgetting the roots.


7)      Which are in your opinion the best Italian bands?

     There are several band who deserve respect but too many who are only sad posers who think to themselves as great rockstar…I don’t want to mentione any band…We all know who deserves attention and respect.


8)      Mkm is at the moment a great label that is giving an important contribution in order to give an opportunity to many bands….how did you get in touch with Francesco Palumbo?

      At the moment, MKM is simply the best Italian label. No easy big words from MKM, only facts. Francesco gives opportunity to the band who really deserve it. Look at MKM roster, and you will understand what I mean. How did we get in touch with him? Classical way…We sent our 3 tracks promo, and then our full record. Francesco liked what EVERSIN is, so made us an offer. A serious offer. We decided his offer was the best one. 


9)      Tell me about the imminent future….what are the projects?

     We will try to play some gig in the summer, but we know it wont be so easy. We have jobs which keep us very busy. We will try, but if it wont be possible, will be time for the new studio record.


10)  The final question is the  “Game of the tower”…you are on a very high tower, and with you there are 3 bands….you have to push down two of them…saving the third one….with you there are: SYMPHONY X               ICED EARTH             MEGADETH

    I respect Symphony X and above all Iced Earth, but Megadeth is something more…Bye bye Symphony X and bye bye Iced Earth…(forgive me John Schaffer…) ahahahha.



interview  by  Salvo  Russo   05.01.2010

Salvo Russo is editor for gryphonmetal.ch since 2001

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address nightofdreams@hotmail.it

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