Letter For An Angel

Torn Dress

Usual Tragedy

The Deserter


Called Up

Daddy's Grave

My Guilty Absence

Slave Of Time

  Bertrand Maillot - keyboards
Erwan Morice - guitar
Loc Jenn - drums
Matthieu Kleiber - lead & backing vocals
Kris Savourey - guitar

KARELIA: "Usual Tragedy"                 karelia                     


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  

First album for this good band that under "Drakkar" tries to conquer us with their classic Power-Symphonic metal!

An album that could be appreciated by all those who like the latest Kamelot album, but not only; it's impossible not to remind of Nightwish, and concerning chorus and some compositional aspects, I may affirm that there's also a Gothic influence.

"Usual Tragedy" is a concept that, concerning the lyrics themes, tells about the stage of a man's life; a man who crossed both wars, as mentioned in their booklet. A story told from the bottom of the heart and played with passion.

Deep lyrics into speed romantic songs, full of passion, and of course in accordance with their style that sometimes goes to gothic metal, even if it's nothing original. There are some negative aspects, but if we consider that this is their first release I may affirm that this album is a good starting point for this young band. A typical Power concept telling about wars, the difficulties of a man into wars; they try to join lyrics and music with a unique intensity, and in my opinion the result is rather good, even if I underline not all melodies are up to the task.

I notice the great care concerning the arrangements, not only the instrumental parts but also the chorus. The good production gives value to this album as well as the arrangements. 

After a symphonic intro, Letter for an Angel is the first song of this album. A classic power-metal song that reminds me of Stratovarius and Kamelot. The sad melody of this song makes it a good song, but in my opinion there's nothing original.

I like Torn Dress that is a better composition in which Power meets Gothic. A song that reminds of Nightwish, so that I may say that if you like this band, you'll love this song.

The titletrack Usual Tragedy is another Power, sad song. Listening to this fourth song I have to underline a negative aspect: singer Kleiber is monotonous. I don't like his style, their low-tones are forced, and when he sings with high tones he is not able to give the right emphasis to the songs.

The Deserter is composed in an easy way. This song gets a refrain played into a +tonality and the atmosphere is different comparing to the other songs. An agreeable song....

Blind is another good song...but I can't but underline the bad singer's performance! 

Called up is a slow sad ballad in which I notice the fantastic atmosphere, Kleiber sings with his low-tones...another mediocre performance.

Daddy's Grave is another Power metal song that adds nothing to this album...another song played into an easy structure, in which I notice some good keyboard arrangements and a good guitar solo.

My guilty Absence is an avoidable song. In my opinion this song is a tentative to compose something original, but the result is mediocre.

Slave of Time closes this album in a good way!!! A Power metal full of intensity in which I notice an evident Kamelot influence. An emotional piano and a perfect rhythmic session into a sad song that has also a little of gothic influence.

The musicians have good quality, but the rhytmic session has been able to create only the typical rhytmic parts in accordance with the style, I hope to hear a best performance in their future release. Nothing more to say about the performance of the singer.


Rating: 6.8/10  

Salvo  Russo    
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