01. Raise
02. Child has gone
03. Breakdown
04. The hermit
05. Disharmonic dogmas
06. Cross & crescent
07. Tearful clown
08. Unbreakable cordon
09. Coming turn
10. High hopes

  Matthieu Kleiber - Vocals
Bertrand Maillot – Keyboards
Erwan Morice - Guitars
Loïc Jenn - Drums
Gilles Thiebaut - Bass

KARELIA: "Raise"                 karelia                    

Usual Tragedy

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  

Sufferance, power and depression. 

This is epic dark metal! 

A very amazing atmosphere involves this new Karelia cd!!!   Two years ago the début album was one of the usual power-metal album in which the band didn't show innovative ideas.

But in this new album Karelia's music improves very much!   First of all, the atmospheres: The band finds a style that mixes Dimmu Borgir (Death Cult Armageddon), Symphony x, Epica!!! There's an innovative and decaying  dark atmosphere that involves the songs, and it is evident that  listening  to the title-track there's is  original symphonic-power metal approach with much dark! A very amazing song that seems to present the band under in a completely different way comparing to the previous album! This is just the begin.....
Even if I can say that the band can still improve under melodic aspect, it's impossible not to notice that they're trying to create a kind of power-metal that approaches dark-metal, and in a very original way; Symphonic chorus are mixed to the darkness of all songs, while rhythmic session is able to give passion to the songs. A very good work that not always finds great melodies in the refrains.
"The Hermit" is something wounderful!!!!   A suffered atmosphere that seems to join Symphony x and Royal Hunt and Epica!!!!!!   This is epic-dark metal!!!!A song that shows sufferance, power and depression!

Very much better the voice of Matthieu that finds good vocals for about all the songs. The begin of "Cross and crescent"  can remind of "Progenies of The Great Apocalypse" concerning guitar riff,  famous Dimmu Borgir's song of the latest album, and even if this comparison seems so strange, it's evident that "Death Cult Armageddon" is an important influence for Raise, not only for the sufferance of the atmospheres but also concerning chorus and riffs!!!!

As I've already said the songs are not perfect under melodic aspects, but the bands has found a very original appraoch that can be improved by the next album that could be a very masterpiece. 


Rather good production and great arrangements makes this album a good work in which it's important to underline the original Pink Floyd "High hopes” here played in an very amazing power-metal style! In my opinion that song is too much better in the original version;
On the whole I say that this is a good album, but it's just a point of begin for this band...



Rating: 7.5/10  

Salvo  Russo    
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