Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
Let Them Burn
Crippled & Broken
Open Scars
To Reign again
In Words of Desperation
Temptation's Nest
It Turns To Rust
The Road to Devastation




Maurizio Iacono - vocals
JF Dagenais - guitar
Stephane Barbe - bass
Max Duhamel - drums

KATAKLYSM: "In the Arms of Devastation"  kataklysm      Nuclear Blast

Produced by J-F Dagenais, mixed by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios

release date 17.02.2006

previews by dalia di giacomo and Alex Ramirez


Interview with JF Dagenais 2005
Kataklysm live in Winterthur - Summer Devastation Tour 2005
Kataklysm live in Pratteln - No Mercy 2004
Serenity in Fire
Interview with Maurizio Iacono 2002
Shadows & Dust


preview-review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____      

An angelic monster awaits you as if  there were no tomorrow 




Devastation as if there were no tomorrow. Devastation in all meanings of the word: brutality , destruction,  but also desperation, desolation, tears of pain and sorrowful feelings . Kataklysm's eighth album is a masterpiece in which waves of brutality and merciless strength reflect  a  dolorous intense rage. If "Serenity in Fire" was "Shadows & Dust" turned more extreme and rabid , this "In the arms of Devastation" underlines the melodic groove and dark side already present in "Shadows", but none of the typical hyperblasting ravaging is sacrificed, only darkened through wings of violent obscure, gloomy  sorrow, while memorable melodies and exciting, virtuoso loops are served on a silver tray. Also fresh and lively riffs  and many new elements ignite surprisingly  the carburetor : for example a wide heavy metallized  rocking attitude , a big excellent reinforcement of the guitars (Into Eternity guitars are guest  too) , a pounding bass- guitar work, an outstanding  duet between Maurizio Iacono and Morgan Lander (Kittie's singer). Typical Kataklysm  elements convey in order to give songs that are perfect in every passage, in every pace change. This album  is an angelic monster whose  9 songs are energizing killers and sorrow bringers and implacable enslavers. The cover art, chosen by the fans, reflects the dual soul of this monster: winged scorpionic beast of bloody brutality twinned with  scales of melody,  gazing the  light.

Behind the skins,  Max Duhamel strikes back,  fully supporting the new obscure journey,  delivering the right measure of hyperblasting discharge  but without that almost inhuman mechanical hypereruptive quality that marked Serenity.  We get deadly double kicks in different paces, a fragrant snare, and an attentive use of cymbals that give, at the right moment, the  color to each track. 

Lyrics are razor sharp, explicit,  brought straight in your face, with a certain  rhyme research, the musical resources are generous: we go  from pounding mid tempos to hellrides, from emotional melodies to doomy chords and adrenaline -injected roller-coaster effects, like in the song "To reign  again" that is pure vertical limit and abrupt pounding free fall.  Vocals are deep , might ,  mature, impressive:  growls alternated (but not always) with sore screams, and words come out clawed, forged in fire, full of hatred and pain yet very understandable. Both production and mixing couldn't be better: there is care in every detail without any trace of overprocessing, without saying goodbye to that  rawness that makes Kataklysm so unmistakable, so powerful and crude and genuine. 

The opener Like Angels weeping (the Dark)  is a bridge  between "Shadows & Dust" and "Serenity in Fire". It is aggressive , it is thunderous but lets surface the gloomy spirit of the album.  With Let them burn, a blasting killer with obscure grooves, Kataklysm impose an acceleration spreading hungry violence, while the threatening Crippled & Broken is the panzer that will  take  you at  the thresholds of Thrash and Doom, so you can imagine how fluent and cadenced, at times slow and at times fast'n rhythmic  it can be. Crippled & Broken was presented in preview during the Summer tour 2005 and  it will be director Maurice Swinkels to film the video for it in Amsterdam. It will be  a concept video in film quality.

Ok, but  now be ready for the major ignition, for the adrenaline kick with  roller-coaster effect: sublime!! I'm speaking about To reign  again, as mentioned before. This track begins with a  seducing  harmonic guitar arpeggio and goes into a spin  around  vertical limit- loops that lead to the maximum height from where  you  then jump in free fall towards an abyss of determination and rage. A breathtaking  stop start at the climax - to reign again ! - and you feel the attack in descent, the skydiving. Fasten your  belt or fly, if you can! Very noticeable the work  done by the bass.

It turns to Rust is another vicious enslaving killer, here Maurizio Iacono performs an outstanding duet with Morgan Lander. Maurizio growling vocals  perfectly balances the  hoarse, hissing and harsh,  poison spitting Morgan.  Open Scars is a  blasting Death metal  with much rock inside, that will arise carpets of moshing and headbanging's in the pits; drums here provide every kind of  blasting discharge, with  the usual  melodic  catharsis . Temptation's Nest , together with the following, In Words of Desperation offers a particular fast surprising turnaround picking , while obsessed chords and recurrent stressed loops  make of these songs another example of finest possessed Melodic death metal.

The album closes with another masterpiece, the true road to sorrow and devastation as the title suggests: The Road to Devastation . Based on  irresistible yet  quite catchy musical concepts, it is ,in my opinion, the gloomiest and the most addictive song, with  an infernal morbidity, with the more conquering effect. Misery invades you and prevail. The  duality with evil vicious screams  and literally abyssal growlings is orgasmic, as well as  the refrain is and the guitar solo at the end.  This track fades out then in a ambience melodic/instrumental outro - with a clock work  effect of pink -floydian school. My personal attraction towards this song slowly becomes maniacal. Cannot wait to listen it live ( i hope that  it will be included in the new setlist) for banging my soul out,  down on my knees.

In the Arms of Devastation  awaits you voraciously, as if  there were no tomorrow. 

rating: 10/10

dalia di giacomo 

review by Alex "Costa Rican Fan" Ramirez___   

The brutality and the speed for the blast freaks, and technical virtuosity for the mature experienced ear



The Canadian devastators are back with what seems to be their best disk to date.  There’s a sense of freshness and renovation in the air.  But don’t worry the old brutal spirit still remains strong.

The production is flawless and the band achieved the sound that they where searching for.  They handle the mixing to Tue Madsen , cause JF Dagenais  produced and mixed the last 5 Kataklysm releases, so  they wanted a new perspective.

Somehow this disk reminds me of “The Prophecy” the disk that redefined the way people saw Kataklysm.  But at the same time I think that each Kataklysm production should be judged individually. Like different brothers in a family, “In the arms of Devastation” is the big brother. This new production is more mature, deep and intense and it features the right amount of ingredients to please every kind of Kataklysm fan. The brutality and the speed for the blast freaks, and technical virtuosity for the mature experienced ear.

There’s a technical improvement and my guess is that it has to do with the amount of time that this guys dedicate to the creation of this glorious masterpiece. In their previous efforts they didn’t have much time to play around and improved the songs. Now they have shown what they can accomplish.

This album delivers nine tracks of packet brutality.   The first trackLike Angels Weeping is just great musicianship well combined with tons of aggression. Mauricio’s vocal approach is stronger than ever. And in my opinion he has achieved a new level of excellence.

The second trackLet Them Burn is killer. Lots of melody put into it.  But sick and twisted at the same time. You will hear some surprises on the vocals here. The dual vocal attack is better than ever.

Crippled & broken” is the typical Kataklysm track. With an excellent mid-paced sound and a melodic background. The guitars sound clean and powerful.

Open Scars”, here again the guitars sound perfect and I mean that their sound really surpass what this guys have done before.

 “To reign again” has a nice peaceful guitar intro ... and then all is unleashed . It’s a real mind mangler. With persistent ear piercing double bass. And clean cut riffs. Actually this is one of the best tracks in this record. And it will be a great track to hear it live. I can imagine the moshpit.

Temptations nest” it’s a track with great lyrics, some guitar surprises and a brutal vocal performance by Mauricio.

The track “It turns to Rust” is just vocal galore. It’s the track where Mauricio and Morgan Lander destroy everything. It just brutal!. This song will prove wrong all who opposed Kataklysm’s decision to have Morgan Lander as guest vocals. The combination of their voices is just amazing. The song is melodic and pretty rhythmical.

The mid-paced passed track. " The Road to Devastation” it’s slow but it pounds your head like a machine. Different vocal styles meet here to delight the listener.

This disk is a must for all extreme metal fans out there. Kataklysm has created the road to devastation. All we have to do now it’s to follow it…

rating: 10/10


Alex Ramirez 
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