Lost Cause

Good Citizen

Noble is your blood

7 days to sink

Like a drunk Christ

Cemented Lies

The Waltz




Spice Ė Vocals, Bass

Swaney  Ė Guitar

Fredrik Finnander Ė Guitar

Bob Ruben  - Drums

KAYSER: "Kayserhof"                 kayser                                      

The band is leaded by the ex-Spiritual Beggars vocalist Spice finished the recording of the debut album 'Kaiserhof'. The band features also Mattias Svensson (The Defaced), Bob Ruben (ex-Mushroom River Band) and Fredrik Finnander (ex-Aeon). Recording in Caesar Studios (Soilwork, The Defaced a.o.)

release date 13 June 2005

Frame the World...hang it on the Wall
The good Citizen EP


preview - review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___



Get some beer and grab your friends, this is worth sharing!  

    From Sweden none-the-less. Off the bat, without having read Kayserís profile on the Scarlet Records website, I would have thought this band was American. The singerís accent is non-existent in the way he sings. And the band reminds me of the old thrash bands of the late 80ís and 90ís. This is a great sounding band! I could really hear Tom Arayaís (slayer) influence on some of these tracks and the soloís, I just donít hear these many solos in CDís anymore, not even from a melodic death metal band from the same country. Let us examine the tracks a little closerÖ


This CD opened up in my face with 1919,  1919 came at me with a blazing solo and a thrash riff that reminded me of something Slayer or Testament would write! Spice even sounds like Araya! The guitars take command in this track and at first glance, Spice sounds really nice on the mic! Heís shouting, itís not quite growling, itís perfect thatís what it is! The drums are on the money too. The song is awfully short though, meant to get the listeners attention, it got mine. From what I have gathered Good Citizen is a fan favorite. Not as thrashy as some of the other songs on this CD but he vocal melodies are the best on the CD. If I had to compare this song to something another band has done, Iíd have to compare it to Megadeth. One could easily sing along to this song in their car or just rock out to, itís heavy but itís much more articulate, thereís deffinatly structure to this song, a type of structure that new bands tend to forget about. This song could have came out in the early 90ís and easily blended in. 

Another track I liked was Like a Drunk Christ, this song doesnít sound like any other band could have done. What I mean is that in this song, they donít sound like any other band! After listening to this song about seven times, I found my self head-banging to it. It has a very steady guitar riff thatís sure get some guitar protťgťís something they want to learn! The chorus is very catchy too I found myself singing this one too at loud levels in my car. Lost Cause sounded like something Slayer would have done. The guitar riffs, the drum-lines and the vocals just scream Slayer! Itís catchy, is it original? Not really but does it sound good? Hell yes! Spiceís vocals are just great, I would have to say they are my favorite part of the band! I just donít hear this type anymore and the rest of band is just all out awesome.


     Iíd have to say the sonic quality is a bit standard. I have no complaints or hang ups. The vocals are of a great quality although sometimes the levels change from time to time and arenít as consistent as they could be but I suspect the producer was going for a sound of the past, such as Slayer or Testament of the early 90ís. The guitars sound like something from that era in the mix this also includes the bass. I could not hear the bass at all! If anything, it blended in with all the other parts. Matter of fact, the bass playing is a-typical of that era it was virtually non-existent in the mix. Reminds me of bands from that era where the bass player followed the guitar players riffs, I should know, I was one of those players at one point.  I would have to say that would be the only negative aspect of this band otherwise this is what great bands are made of, musicians like these have inspired all metal bands from every genre. This is band is worth checking out. Get this CD! Get some beer and grab your friends, this is worth sharing!

rating: 9/10

Matthew Haumschild

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