Good Citizen (From Kaiserhof 2005)
Lost In The Mud
Fall (From the upcoming “Frame the world…hang it on the wall” 2006)
Propaganda (From the upcoming “Frame the world…hang it on the wall” 2006)

Good Citizen (video)

Spice – Vocals, Bass

Swaney  – Guitar

Jokke – Guitar

Bob Ruben  - Drums


KAYSER: "The good Citizen  EP"        kayser             



Frame the World...hang it on the Wall


review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___      

The singing is great, the lyrics are great, the guitar are great and the drumming is great.  I can see big things for this band  

I am at a lost as to why the band or the record label considers this an EP. It seems more like a single that went on the market later than it should have. But that’s beside the point, I can only speculate that by putting this out, it gives a little teaser to their up and coming album, “Frame The World,” which is due out by the end of this month. I wrote about the track, “Good Citizen” in my review of Kayser’s previous album, “Kayserhof,” but I will write about it again since there has been considerable time in between. 


            Good Citizen is a very solid track that combines a little flavor of an older style of metal blended with some of the newer melodic aspects of modern metal. The verses, for example, remind me of Corrosian of Conformity or Pantera but the chorus sounds like a blend of Motorhead, Alice In Chains or dare I say Lacuna Coil. What I mean is, is that some of the choruses found in those bands stand as a reminder of what I hear in Good Citizen not that Kayser sounds like them at all because Kayser is in no way shape or form like any of the bands I have mentioned with the exception of COC. Good Citizen is as commercial as this band is going to get, the song was put together well, it’s a little over three and a half minutes long making it perfect for radio, and it can appeal to broad range of audiences.


            Lost In the Mud kicks it up a notch in tempo. This track reminds me of something Testament would have done minus the solos. Spice is shouting a lot in this song and it sounds very original, so original I don’t think I can compare it to anything. The drums are fast and so are the guitars. I like this track, towards the middle of the song there are two different solo’s from what I gather, one from each guitar player. I could see myself driving at night really fast listening to this track.


            Fall is a song that features the two guitar players, strumming along with their electric guitars. One playing lead and the other rythm. It’s nice to hear from time to time because it’s a break from the norm and it’s not acoustic. It’s not sappy, the song reminds me of a hot summer night. I have zero complaints on this track.


            Propaganda is heavy as hell and it better be, the only other band that I know of that has a song called “Propaganda” is Sepultura. The two sound nothing alike and before I give the reader the wrong impression, this is not a cover song. However, this track reminds me of something Megadeth would have done. The guitar riffs sound like they were conceived in the early 90’s and the lyrics mid 90’s. My head was banging throughout the whole track. It guitars chug along to some great drumming and the solo fits perfectly to the song. What more could one ask?


            Overall, the “EP” is good. I am not sure how much CD shops are going to sell it for but I would recommend it. Kayser put out four solid tracks that I couldn’t complain about. The quality of the recordings is top not except that I couldn’t hear the bass but everything else was…great. The singing is great, the lyrics are great, the guitar are great and the drumming is great. It’s not jaw dropping but I can see big things for this band. The only thing I think they could improve upon is attitude. The band is very good, but they are missing something that I can’t put my finger on. The only thing I could think of is the fact that I couldn’t mosh to the music. Otherwise, no complaints, go buy it already! It’s around €6 at most places what do you have to lose? 10 because it’s not a full album.

rating: 8/10   (because it’s not a full album)


Matthew Haumschild   27.08.2006
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