1. Right Now
  2. Break Some Off
  3. Counting On Me
  4. Here It Comes Again
  5. Deep Inside
  6. Did My Time
  7. Everything I've Known
  8. Play Me
  9. Alive
  10. Let's Do This Now
  11. I'm Done
  12. Y'All Want A Single
  13. When This Will End (mit "One" live)
Vocals Jonathan Davis
Guitars Brian Welch
Guitars James Shaffer
Bass Reginald Arvizu
David Silveria

KORN : "Take a Look in the Mirror"    korn     epicrecords     review Untouchables (in Italian)

review  by Sara De Vita____     

I must admit that for me “Take A Look In The Mirror” has been a true “initiazion” to the Korn sound: I had to do a tiresome work of “historical research” and assimilation, before writing down this review (extremely wanted).

An album that charges with energy any listener, never resulting repetitive, banal, or noious!

A very good work for this California band, that plays on a perfect assemblage between rhythm and solo. Extreme sounds, truly hitting the stomach... a perfect recording giving back 1000% the Korn sound.

13 songs, plus a bonus track, of pure genius, completely departing from the previous “Untouchables”.

The CD opens immediatly at full force with “Right Now”, song full of stout riff and an exemplary bass working, that accompany a displacing charge of drumming. Choirs that underscore Davis voice performing interpretative heterogeneities of extreme precision and perfect assemblage. Aggressive and complete!!!

Much smoother (if this word can indeed be used), and similarily strong is “Break Some Off”, with a mid tempo play, clean voice, and accelerations, grwl voice almost screaming, that characterizes the song, allowing it to grow, to explode in almost death-grind sonorities.

Coming back to the old sound, more pure and less standard: funky, hip hop, death and sometimes even brutal contaminations enrich the work creating truly unique musical moments, merit of a genius, the one of Davis & co., that perfectly conforms to professionality and experience. A return to the pipes in “Let’s Do This Now” is truly appreciated, giving to this song an almost dreaming atmosphere.

Fabulous, aggressive, misplacing, powerful is “Play Me”, song in duet with Nas (special guest) that recreates a sort of play between the hip hop and the more modern and aggressive metal.

As I listen to this disc, I realize that all the celebration made two months before “Take A Look In The Mirror” is more than justified: nothing commercial, all experimental, only using old standards extremely personal, that so much pleased the metallers from all the world from a decade.

Very good and ingenious is the choice to propose as bonus track the cover of “One” by Metallica, song that more than anyone else is the symbol of the more evolved metal (capable of evloving more and more).

All in all, a theatric work, precious, rich, wanted and surely beloved by old and new fans(such as me).

Rating: 9/10

Sara De Vita