1- las vegas is a piece of shit

2- speedometer 

3- i hate this band 

4- captain america 

5- motorfuck 

6- yalta (the night joseph staline stole my heart) 

7- i feel you 

8- drive run 

total running time : 53’25’’




the K squad:







KRUGER: "Cattle Truck"      kruger       RRRecords

recorded by R. Bovey & Totörhead,  mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Opeth, At the Gates, Hammerfall, Sludge) and mastered by Peter In de Betou (Entombed, Nine, Dismember, In Flames, Shovel)


distributed  in Switzerland  by Irascible Distribution  

review by Artur Felicijan____   

A great mix of destructive, down-paced metal, that runs on the gas of depressive or too-drunk-to-stand-up riffs, with melodic fluorescent-black atmosphere. Kruger know what good music and originality is. 

If I was talking about shitty number of good bands that the land of cheese and chocolate has to offer, apparently I was wrong, for I've been struck in my ears twice in two weeks by a couple of Swiss bands. I already hailed the latest Sludge output, but this one really blowed me away.

"Cattle Truck" is the latest and second creation of this fine Swiss act - Kruger, and if I quote the makers themselves it's their "new ugly and chubby baby". They describe themselves as a mix of Neurosis and Entombed, but this truly is more than less a crappy description, as they are far more profound than that. If they need to be quickly described, I'd say they're a great mix of destructive, down-paced metal, that runs on the gas of depressive or too-drunk-to-stand-up riffs, with melodic fluorescent-black atmosphere that at times borders to some unearthly kind of Core music. That's right!

The minute I heard the ingeniously entitled "Las Vegas is a piece of shit" I knew this band is a piece of a good one! The song begins with a weird "pork intro" and later continues with heavy pacing and desperate shouting, which is, mind you, the regular tune this singer executes on this album. There are some singing parts, but mostly you'll hear maniacal vociferation in the vein of "drunken-SS-commander meets Satan". 

Each track has it's own feel that's very intense and despite the heaviness and aggressive nature, it sounds fresh and ear-friendly. Kruger apparently know what good music and sense of originality is, since they showcase it with each and every second of their performance. They've got the rhythm which is listenable, but in the meantime it's technical and interesting. They go for the old-school sound of guitar and bass, making it clean and massive throughout the whole album. Every guitar part goes with the whole image, and the erection of each song is made with perfect vocal insertions. I didn't had the chance to get deeper on the lyrics, but I think there's a strange presence of "depressive humor"- whatever this might be, and I couldn't get by not to notice a sense of activism or some form of political claustrophobia. You'll definitely need to get a booklet with lyrics on this one, for songs entitled as these surely hold an interesting flow of poetry.

"Cattle Truck" is a cool 8-piece of shit, to my surprise enriched with a Depeche Mode cover - "I feel you", performed very Krugerish, yet recognizable from the very first moment to the last second of it. You'll get blown away by what this band has to offer. Be a metal-head, post-hc freak or just a fan of aggressive sound, you'll without a doubt find something within these tracks that suits your style or the way music attracts you. Although, I think Kruger will suit the "advanced" listeners more. There's a lot of melody and catchy riffs, headbanging patterns, and great darker and emotional moments, but nothing sounds fake or naive. I truly wait for their next output and hope to get even more into their style, which is presented on personal standouts of mine, such as "Las Vegas...", "Speedometer" and "I hate this band". These tracks are all just one great bomb after another, which are finally cut by a bit more hard-core tune of "Captain America". "Motorfuck" returns with now already significant Kruger minor-riffing and down-tempo, cut again by a incredibly powerful "Yalta (The night Joseph Stalin stole my heart)". The whole Kruger climax is reached with an almost 11-min epic "The drive run".

Again, "Cattle Truck" is an album, truly worth having in your record collection (and the layout looks nice too!).

I'm rating it with an almost grand prize, as I want to see them get even better and perfect their style, and hope to rate them with 10 the next time!!!! Great job!


Favourite track: "The drive run"

rating: 9.5/10


date info -  March 15th - Locomotive - Paris:  Kruger will play  with the Dillinger Escape Plan

Artur Felicijan    
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