Machine Girl 04:01

Beat The Boys 02:24 [mp3-Sample]

Hardcore 04:48

TV 03:49

Chocolate 04:48 [mp3-Sample]

Jump At Me 04:04

Breathing 03:54

Devil Is A Girl 03:17 [mp3-Sample]

Ding-Dong 02:35

I Used To Hide 04:07


Splendid (guitars) 

Kirka (bass) 

Johannes (guitars) 

Ana (vocals)  

Masa (drums)


LAB: "Devil is a Girl"                            lab               


Produced by:

Splendid (Pekka Witikka)


Lab Laboratories, Hot House & Finnvox Studios - Helsinki (FIN)

Where Heaven ends


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


Another band from Finland!!! This band plays a very deep music that takes inspirations from different styles and on the whole it sounds very original!
This is the second full length for this band and in my opinion this album is very suitable for all those who like alternative rock mixed with melancholic atmosphere, in particular I have to underline the charme of the vocalist Ana !She gets a very good and sensual voice and moreover she's a very beautiful girl!!!! Her voice is able to enter into the listener's soul ..and I can't but admit that she gets one of the most female sensual voices in the world!!!!!!
Concerning the songs, I have to admit that all the songs keep an high quality even if their best ones are those in which Ana sings with whispered voice...So try to listen "Hardcore", "If you stop breathing", "Chocolate" and my favourite "I used to hide" whose deepness is something unique!
It's very difficult to compare the sound of this band with a particular other one!...I could search for their inspirations into the latest Theatre of Tragedy's album but in my opinion the main important influence comes from rock bands as NO DOUBT and GARBAGE......
The second single "Machine Girl" gets a melancholic flavour ...a very sad song into an alternative rock arrangement! Ana gives me the creeps!!! I notice the proper care for the arrangements; Guitars get the right sound in every parts ,and the rhythmic session is perfect!!! The refrain of this song could be perfect for a The Gathering 'song!
Another heart-attack song is "TV" that represents the perfect mixture between the finland gothic and the typical alternative rock melody! There's still nothing to say the perfect arrangements!
"Ding-Dong" represent the worst of them...This song makes them similar too much similar to No Doubt...Avoidable song!
"Jump at me" reminds me of the GARBAGE...Very good arrangement and very good melody!; The first single "Beat the boys" could be defined a particular kind of new punk in which there are many electronics parts and distorted guitars.
The title-track is another good song rich of melancholy and sadness! The production is very good!
Because of the arrangements this band could be more appreciated from NO DOUBT and GARBAGE fans but the sadness and the melancholy that involves this album makes it suitable not only for them...
Rating: 8/10  
Salvo  Russo    
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