I won't tell you
Not enough
I'm not afraid
I like it
The Pain
Wide Awake
The Maze
Shallow Life


Cristina Scabbia - Vocals

Andrea Ferro - Vocals

Marco Zelati - Bass

Cristiano Migliore - Guitar

 Marco Biazzi - Guitar

Criz Mozzati - Drums


LACUNA COIL: "Shallow Life"    lacuna coil   Century Media
Lacuna Coil live in Minneapolis 2003
Interview with Cristina Scabbia 2002
Lacuna Coil live in Switzerland 2002

2 reviews: by Matt and by Steve




review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ 

You won't find it.


I’m torn between being a professional musical critic and a fan who wants Lacuna Coil to sound like they did during Unleashed Memories and In a Reverie, basically the beginning part of the decade. I realize that bands have to evolve or risk staying in the same spot, so I won’t complain about their “new” or rather “newer” sound. Comparing the newer Lacuna Coil to the old would be like comparing old and new Metallica. I just can’t do it, it seems like they were two different bands during those eras.


            Although I have one complaint and for me it’s a major one: the mix and the sound quality. I have to crank the treble up on my home theater to hear any type of high end on the drums. I thought it was my home theater, so I tried my iPod, same thing. So I thought this was the first sign of me going deaf (which wouldn’t be surprising) so I placed “Not Enough” in a  mix I plan on sending to a friend in Ecuador and having listened to other bands then have this song come up, I ruled out me and it was the mix. The snare…sounds awful. Matter of fact, the whole mix of the drums sounded like crap to me. It’s terribly surprising because they recorded in one of my favourite studios, NRG in L.A. where Coal Chamber recorded their debut CD in the Mid-Late 90’s and that album sounded great! So I figured that Shallow Life would sound incredible, what a let down. For the record, I do not blame the band, I blame their producer, mixer, and engineers for that.


            That being said, the mix does determine how the band ultimately sounds. Shallow Life is singer focused. That means the other instruments sound like they’re just backing up the singing instead of sounding like a group effort like they have on other albums. What I did like about that was that in a few tracks, Ferro’s vocals really shine through. Normally, when I listen to Lacuna Coil, I am aware that Ferro is the other lead singer but he’s forgettable. I’m not saying he’s bad or anything, but nothing special. On this album, he shines through and makes his presence known which is a good thing because Lacuna Coil isn’t just Cristina Scabbia, it’s a group effort.


            There were a few highlights and a few questionable tracks on Shallow Life. One of those tracks that qualify under both categories is, “I Like It.” When I listen to this track I think of “Crush Em’” by Megadeth. It has a disco beat to it, that is catchy, but as I recall, Dave Mustaine hated “Crush Em’” because he felt he was alienating his fans with that song, that it was something that his management and label wanted him to do, and he hated it. I can’t help but think if the same thing happened here with this song. It sounds good, it’s a catchy song, but it doesn’t sound like anything that Lacuna Coil has done before. It has this pop/disco element to it that makes it such a weird song.


            “Not Enough” sounds like it could have been on Unleashed Memories, from me, that’s a high compliment. It’s a sadder song that isn’t upbeat done in the classic Lacuna Coil fashion that I’ve come to know and love. The chorus sticks into your head and it has a nice mid to slow riff that demonstrates Lacuna Coil still have the ability to play like they used to.  


            Another track I liked was, “Spellbound.” I realize Lacuna Coil made a video for this song and it was released as a single. Like it or not, it is a radio friendly song filled with hooks and catchy lyrics. The difference between this song and other modern rock that’s all over the radio is that the lyrics actually stand for something and not for something stupid and over done like a bad break up. I’ll leave it up to the listener to determine what the lyrics mean.


            To put this CD in a nutshell, Shallow Life isn’t a gothic CD. Do not expect this cd to sound like their older stuff. Some of the songs have a little bit of that down-beat tone to it but other than that, Lacuna Coil sounds more of a modern rock band than metal or a gothic band of old. It’s a decent CD, I won’t say it’s a bad CD or a disappointment because the songs themselves sounded good, but if you’re expecting another Comalies or Karmacode you won’t find it.


rating: 7/10  


Matthew Haumschild   01.052009

Matthew Haumschild is a staff writer/editor for since 2002

He is based out of Minneapolis Minnesota USA he can be reached at and  on

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


Different perspective to an instrument 

that usually stays hidden.


Well its been three years since a full length studio album from Lacuna Coil and the results are phenomenal!
With the new cd, called "Shallow Life" the band continues its tradition of duel vocals, that of Cristina Scabbia
and Andrea Ferro. A combination that has become as much a trademark of the LC sound as its duel guitars played by Cristiano and Maus, stunning work which is emphasized on the new cd by solos and ferocious fretwork.  Marco has brought the bass to the front of arrangement in many of the new songs adding a different perspective to an instrument that usually stays hidden.  But may times it is the bass and the drums that drives the song to its destination and can be drowned out by the rest of the songs.  This is not the case and CriZ drives home that point with his unrelentless rhythmic beats.  The new arrangement of songs continues in the LC vein but with the evolution on clearer vocals and the individual instruments.  A musical infusion of an Arabic style of compasition is included to the sound we have grown accustomed to with Lacuna Coil but gives it a twist that keeps you going back again and again.
The CD has 9 new full length songs, upbeat, catchy yet haunting and demanding.  Strength and Determination seem to be a central focal point in the album. The song list is as follows:
Survive, I won't tell you, I'm not afraid, I like it, Underdog, The Pain, The Maze, Unchained, and Shallow Life. 
 All songs are awesome but my favorites are: This Maze, and Unchained (cause of the radical guitar riffs), the slower song is Wide Awake.

rating: 9,5/10   

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