01. Njord 

02. My Destiny 

03. Emerald Island 

04. Take the Devil in me 

05. Scarborough Fair 

06. Through our Veins 

07. Irish Rain 

08. Northbound 

09. Ragnarok 

10. Morgenland 

11. The holy Bond 

12. Forya's Theme 

13. Landscape of the Dead (ltd-edition bonus) 

14. Les Champs de Lavande (ltd-edition bonus)




Liv Kristine – vocals
Thorsten Bauer – guitar
Mathias Röderer – guitar
Alexander Krull – vocals
Alla Fedynitch – bass
Seven Antonopolous – drums

LEAVES' EYES: "Njord"                  

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The music of “Njord” is enriched by the power of a choir and the virtuosity of the Lingua Mortis Orchestra directed by Victor Smolski (Rage).


Vinland Saga
Leaves' Eyes live at Earthshaker 2004

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

This album mixes various emotions.


The new Leaves’s eyes album doesn’t disappoint the expectations…Liv Kristine & co.(Atrocity band). releases another good gothic metal album that will not add nothing special to what the style has already produced but I’m sure it will be appreciated by all those who like a certain kind of sonorities full of pathos and majestic atmospheres.

The songs show the ability of all members and I mention the immortal voice of Liv that is so pure like a rose of spring….

Most of the songs are agreeable but the band is not inclined to the change and keep the classic structure in almost all songs.

The style never changes and for this reason if you don’t like the symphonic gothic metal with a touch of power…this album is not for you….

The single “My destiny” is the classic gothic metal song with an agreeable refrain that keeps remaining in your mind from the first listening….such as the title-track that uses also some growl to give more emphasis to the song’s atmosphere.

In general the songs have the classic structure but I mention those which i consider the best ones…”Through our Veins” gets a very involving mood…such as “Froyas Theme” that is a very articulated song in which Leaves' Eyes create a  great melody without abandoning a shadow of power metal in particular concerning the rhythmic structure of the song…the use of growl is perfectly mixed to  Liv’s angelic voice.

“The holy Bond” gets another involving mood that mixes symphonic gothic metal to rock refractions …but it’s impossible to close this review without mentioning “Irish Rain” that is a folk ballad which will relax your mind thanks to its mood  that can’t but remind of something listened from  famous composers of Irish music…

In conclusion I add that the production is good such as the arrangements. Nothing original, some songs are almost fair but, on the whole, the album is agreeable.

rating: 7,8/10


written  by  Salvo  Russo    13.09.2009

Salvo Russo is editor for gryphonmetal.ch since 2001

He is based in Italy.

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