1. Prayer For A Memory 

2. The Wave 

3. The Last Forsaken 

4. Svart Hemlangtan 

5. Goodbye 

6. The Quiet Inside The Storm 

7. Old Throne 

8. Dopo La Notte 

9. Back To Innocence 

10. Era Iornu 

11. Dancing In The Dark (Orchestra Version)




Evangelou Gerassimos

All instruments, vocals and recordings


Guests: Barbara Conti 

Vocals on "Dopo La Notte" and "Dancing In The Dark"

LORD AGHEROS: "Of Beauty And Sadness"             My Kingdom Music

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Evangelou Studios by Evangelou Gerassimos.


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interview with Evangelou Gerassimos June 2010
As a Sin

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Involved into dramatic atmospheres.


This album is the result of years of experiences of E. Gerassimos  that keeps on the way of atmospheric metal by an album that wil not disappoint you under the emotional aspect which is the first element to be taken in consideration for the Sicilian artist that shows us a great ability to create sad and melancholic suites that will be the joy of all those who like to be involved into dramatic and suffering atmospheres.  

After the initial “Prayer For A Memory”…a kind of folk intro…“The Wave” mixes doom metal with atmospheric  gothic , the sporadic sung is in growl…I underline the great work made by the arrangements that give value to the essence of music…piano, synth are well mixed…but I have to admit that the problem for this work is the drum machine, which penalizes the final result…

Every song is the continuation of the previous one….the atmospheres are always full of sadness, and it’s impossible not to be bewitched listening to “Goodbye” that mixes dark and ambient with an incredible feeling…

“The Quite Inside The Storm” goes to black-death metal with an incredible acceleration that is part of an emotive sensation…it’s another good track.

“Old throne”  reminds me of Empyrium (german band) or the debut Lacrimas Profundere album…it’s difficult to make comparisions….there’s a touch of folk into the sad ambient of the music….
This song is followed by two great tracks …the first is “Dopo la notte”…melancholic and sad….and the great “Back to innocence” that is able to touch the deep inside of the listener….by a very intense part of synth…

The album is closed by a bonus track that is called “Dancing the dark”…in my opinion not up to task comparing to the others songs.

On the whole, this album confirms the quality of this artist that is able to create good songs…the only negative aspect is the production that is almost sufficient, and the drum machine…but the album is good…and it is worthy of consideration of all those who like this style.

rating: 8/10  

Salvo Russo  21.04.2010  
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