1. Drama Begins 

2. The Gate Of Solitude 

3. Glory Through Death 

4. Sacrilegium 

5. Intermezzo 

6. Ash To Ash And Dusk To Dark 

7. As A Sin 

8. Dancing In The Dark 

9. Escape




Evangelou Gerassimos 

All instruments, vocals and recordings



LORD AGHEROS: "As a Sin"                My Kingdom Music 

Release Date: Sept. 29th, 2008

Recorded and mixed at Evangelou Studios by Evangelou Gerassimos
Artwork and layout by Federico De Luca and Valeria Caudullo

for promo thanks to : My Kingdom Music

interview with Evangelou Gerassimos June 2010
Of Beauty And Sadness

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Abyss of sadness and solitude in music.


Great album from MKM….The sadness, the solitude, the foreboding….in music!!!

Lord Agheros is the project of Evangelou Gesassimos …a great composer who is able  to describe sensations through easy yet evocative songs…

The music will let you go into the abyss of sadness, of  meditation.  For me it’s very difficult to underline one song or to describe in this review the essence of an album  that seems to be the a travel into the abyss of sadness….

The music is epic…obscure and mysterious…and near to a soundtrack music!!!

The vocals are black metal...and I appreciate the effects that seems to come  from the  far abyss…

There are also dramatic parts that are well mixed with those  perfect effects that punctuate the atmospheres….

I underline the great acoustic guitar atmosphere created by “Intermezzo” …a song that is the prelude of a storm….

Every track is interpreted with deep emotions… I think that Evangelou could improve the drumming that in my opinion is not expressive like the rest…but this is the problem of drum-machines, that penalize the final result …but this is a great release….for the ideas and the whole expression.

A great album for those who like this kind of funeral and arcane atmospheres.

rating: 8,5/10  

Salvo Russo  04.11.2008  
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