1. Escalator
2. veloce
3. Powder mind
4. Extra balls
5. Clean-Ex
6. Bad boy
7. Charlie Brown
8. Le Pire
9. Marius

10. Poison Explosion
11. Defoliant

12. Extrospection

13. D-day
14. Pump
15. Refonk


tracklist promo:

1) Powder Mind

2) Le Pire

3) Clean-Ex

4) Charlie Brown

5) Defoliant


MXD: "Musicogenic"    mxd         equilibre music

all tracks by MXD - produced by MXD and Daniel Laurent - mixed by Daniel Laurent and MXD at the Bagdad Studio, Switzerland


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Interesting band from Switzerland .. The full release is available for listening in their official site ...but this 5 tracks is promo is sufficient to give a very positive valuation, as this band shows me good ideas and good personal approach even if there are many evident influences ;They create something original that takes inspiration from electro-metal but gets ideas from  techno and drum'n'bass! The band plays electro-metal, and it's impossible not to remind of the latest Secret Discovery album listening to the first song of this promo, considering an evident similar vocal timbre between the singers, but this only one of the many influences I listen to in this good promo cd!


As I said before,  "Power mind" is very similar to Secret Discover; Good electro-metal even if it's nothing original.

The next one changes musical direction! Electro sound mixed to something similar to Chemical Brothers....Hypnotic music that could be perfect for a rave party! This track is sung in french, and shows to me a good musical attitude; good ideas and personality also concerning all  electronic parts. The music is able to involve thanks to the good arrangement  that can give quality to the songs.




"Clean ex" is another particular song in which I notice dark influences mixed to a modern electronic approach. and also a touch of  Depeche Mode!!!


The fourth song "Charlie Brown" is another hypnotic travel into the electro-dark with a techno approach!!! This song could be appreciated among techno -fans and dark as well! Sometimes I don't like the monotone singer's voice....

The last track of this promo, Defoliant,  is pure-electro music influenced by Junkie XL and Chemical Brothers and Prodigy.


If you like electro-rock/metal  mixed to dance and techno loops...I'm sure this band is ready to amaze you.....


rating:   8/10


Salvo  Russo  
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