Issergia’s Hope

Silent Lullabies

A Vision They Shared

Velvet Eyes

Iiaonman Iifbiich Vampires

Labyrinth Of Earth

Bloody Ballad

Rainbow Seeker

Close Every Door

Crow's Love

A Whisper Of Dew


Morgana Lacroix - lead vocal

Terry Horn - guitar and vocal

Krisalis - guitar

Jack Lowell Halleyn - keyboards

Mat Stancioiu - drums

 "This album is based on a vampyric concept (exclusively) written by Spanish author Julio Angel Olivares Merino. All songs will deal about different theories concerning vampires.

Music-wise, the band also developed their skills. Labyrinth-drummer Mattia Stancioiu played drums as session musician, and the band also invited a violinist and a female opera singer
from nuclearblast.de 

MANDRAGORA SCREAM: "A Whisper of  Dew"     www.mandragorascream.it   recorded at  New Sin-studio (Rhapsody )

out 10.02.2003 -     interview : VAMPIRE LOVE STORY


Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____


With... pleasure... i present you the second album of this Italian band that comes back after half and one year with a cd that has disappointed me. Although there are many good ideas, this album doesn't improve what i listened to in their debut one. Morgana's pronunciation is very far from what it would be and this is a very negative note because she's a very beautiful girl and her image is perfect for the style of the band; Another negative point goes to the arrangements that are not able to give power to the music; Guitars are very soft, while i have to say that the guitarist is very able to create very good riffs and solos!!!!
At least he atmospheres rule every song and the keyboards are fantastic....able to give deep emotions!!!
Among all the tracks, i would underline the very good Celtic gothic of "Close every Door" that lets betray many influences from Celtic music; "Crow's Love" that is a classic Gothic song in which the good melody is supported by a very good atmosphere; "A vision they shared" in which darkness meets deepness and the title-track that is a song played with much intensity and show the soul of the band! Not always the songs are up to the situation .On the whole "Whisper of Dew"  is not the answer to my expectations, but it is not  an album to be thrown away.
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